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Sep 9, 2013 01:43 PM

Carpano Antica and other great things

Hello all, I'm in Cape Cod for two more days for vacation and I'm looking to pick up a bottle of Carpano Antica formula and maybe some other things that are hard to find in other places. Anyone known where to procure either of these and if not the CAF, what it is.

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  1. Uh, where do you live? Carpano isn't difficult to find where I live . . .

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      Antica is utterly impossible to get within three hundred miles of me. Where I live most liquor stores have one brand of vermouth, placed on the bottom shelf next to the cheap gin. The best places actually have two or three brands, but even then it is always M&R, Noilly Prat, and something in the line of Gallo or Tribuno.

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        Assuming you can order booze in your state, you could just go online to

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          As indeed I have done before, which is a great way to stock up when the cash flow is good, but is really not economical for frequent purchasing.

          1. re: Czequershuus

            I don't know... Even when you factor in S&H it's often cheaper than you'l find in many states. I recently bought a bottle of Falernum and a bottle of Del Miguay Vida Mezcal, and even with the shipping, it was still cheaper than I'd pay at the really nice liquor store a few blocks over.

          2. re: The Big Crunch

            Hitime wine beats their price by $5, but depending on where one is located shipping can vary a lot.

      2. There are several Luke's Super Liquor stores on the Cape that might be worth checking out. I usually stop by the one in West Harwich when I'm out there, mainly to buy wine. They are big stores and have a decent selection in spirits, so I like to take a stroll through the isles to see if anything interesting is on sale.I wouldn't say it's a place to find hard to get bottles, but I've found some good whiskeys and rums there. On the Carpano, I thought I saw it the last time I was there, but you might want to call ahead.

        1. shouldn't this be under the Wine board?

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            Well, it is a fortified wine, and as such, is often discussed within the spirits community.

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              With respect, I don't think it has anything to do with being fortified, specifically. After all, Porto, Sherry, and Madeira are fortified wines and not discussed here; they *are* on the Wine Board. Rather, Vermouths are often discussed here on the spirits board due their (primary?) usage in cocktails . . . which are most frequently made with distilled spirits.

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                Cocktail usage is the key. If I was discussing Porto, sherry, or Madiera in the context of a cocktail it would be prudent to put it here to.