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Sep 9, 2013 01:42 PM


I will be in Madrid with a friend early October for 5 days, October 4 through 8, before moving onto Lisbon then Sevilla. Being a foodie, I have been doing a lot of research via various reference sources. This post is seeking specific feedback for the following 2 topics:
1) Lunches with reasonably priced tasting menus. I have read a lot about Lua and have it on my list of prospects. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. We are staying in Malasana but can go anywhere the Metro line goes!
2) Suckling pig. My friend wants to go to El Botin for the suckling pig. I’ve read highs and lows about this restaurant, which is obviously historically popular, yet suffers from tourist-itis. So my questions here are: is Botin worth the visit? Or, are there other restaurants in Madrid that rival Botin’s suckling pig? All comments/recommendations welcome!

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  1. Some casual eateries not to miss in Malasaña:
    * In Situ on Calle Valverde # 40. Trendy restaurant.
    * La Ardosa on Calle Colón # 13 for tapas: salmorejo, tortilla, cecina (beef jerky), croquetas and vermut on tap.‎
    * Antigua Huevería (literally, Former Eggshop) on Calle San Vicente Ferrer # 32. Reco: huevos rotos con queso de cabra y cebolla caramelizada ('broken' eggs with goat cheese and sauted onion).

    As for cochinillo (suckling pig) try El Senador on Plaza de la Marina Española:

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      Thanks for the input Juan! Will definitely check out In Situ and La Ardosa

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        Is the cochinillo serving at El Senador good for one person too? Or do you have to get a group of people to go eat with you? My brother who has almost the same palate as I am didn't enjoy the cochinillo at Botin and I'm also looking at El Senador as an alternative.

      2. Let me second the suckling pig at El Senador. Much better than Botín (sadly).