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Sep 9, 2013 01:33 PM

Glendale area

Going to be staying at the Embassy Suites in Glendale for 1 night and looking for a good restaurant not too far away. Any suggestions. I am not familiar with the area so I don't want to drive too far.

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  1. Unfortunately Glendale isn't exactly known as a culinary destination, but if you drive a short distance over to Brand Boulevard and head south, there's a decent old-fashioned red-sauce Italian restaurant on the east side of the street near the Alex theatre called Far Niente. I particularly like their bar, it's like something out of "The Apartment." If you drive a bit further you'll come to the Americana shopping area, which has some nice-looking places (never eaten in any of them), and if you sit outside there's good people-watching.

    1. Hope you like Armenian and/or Middle Eastern food. Glendale has a large Armenian population, so many of the better restaurants there are Armenian / Middle Eastern... Carousel, Raffi's, Elena's Greek Armenian, Shamshiri (walking distance, about 3 blocks north of you and offers Persian food)... Sadly one of the better restaurants in the area closed last year...Palate Food & Wine.

      If you're doing an early dinner, Porto's on Brand (closes at 7pm) is great for Cuban sandwiches and such (ie: ropa vieja). Their desserts, croquettes, stuffed potato balls are the bomb.

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        +1 for Portos, leave room for the Tres Leches cake for dessert. -1 for Carousel, I wasn't all that impressed with it. Don't know about the other places.

      2. You might have better luck in Eagle Rock, which is right next to Glendale. Just drive East on Colorado...

        As for Glendale proper, I agree Carousel is good. But honestly, if I was in Glendale for one night, I'd probably go to In N Out or Zankou.

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          If you venture to Eagle Rock (2 to 3 miles east of Glendale), recommendations include The Oinkster, Cacao Mexicatessen, Maximillano's, Casa Bianca...

        2. I will happily travel out of Glendale, sounds like I might have to! Lets say I don't want to drive more than a half hour, then where?

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            If you're willing to go that far, you could also go to Silver Lake which has a lot of good places. L&E is great, Barbrix also good. Both have excellent wine lists, if that matters to you.

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              Just remembered Din Tai Fung is opening soon in the Americana. Not sure when you'll be there, but definitely something to look into.

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                Eagle Rock is 15 mins away, depending on traffic. You might even be able to go as far as Pasadena where there are plenty of good restaurants: Noir Food & Wine, Vertical Wine Bistro, Ruth Chris Steakhouse, Celestino, Green Street Tavern, and many more, esp in Old Town Pasadena

                1. re: TripleAxel

                  even at rush hour, eagle rock is closer than fifteen minutes. like maybe five.

              2. The only downtown Glendale places I've eaten more than twice are Jax and Damon's, both basically steak joints. The food at Jax is okay, though the big draw there is live music, and the guy we always went to see died three years ago. But Damon's is fun, the food is, well, your dad's food, or maybe granddad's, and the guy waiting on you in the loud Hawaiian shirt could be your granddad. And you'll know that most of your fellow diners are still pissed off because they can't smoke. But the drinks are perfect, especially if you're old-school about your martini, and while the steaks etcetera are not Ruth's Chris or Peter Luger's they aren't that expensive, either. Both almost next to each other on Brand.