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Sep 9, 2013 12:16 PM

Costco Prepared Food

Costco has a freshly prepared, ready to cook, Chicken Alfredo that our family enjoys. We have been buying it for a couple of years and only once did we have one we were not pleased with. And we got our money back! Love Costco!

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  1. We love it too but generally resist buying it because it's a gut bomb!

    1. Their carnitas were outstanding, but were no there on my last trip. We usually go monthly. There's never a guarantee they'll have stuff like that twice... :(

      1. The Chicken Alfredo goes on sale sometimes too at my Montgomeryville Pa Costco. All last fall I enjoyed buying the meatloaf and mashed about once every ten days. It really suited the way I cook during the week because I can just toss the meatloaf and mashed potatoes in the oven and make up some fresh string beans or cubed squash or something also from Costco.
        Later they switched to shepard's pie which I also like. I'm the only one who eats shrimp so I like to splurge on a shrimp cocktail once in awhile. They are huge so the next day I can fool around with the extra shrimp for a hot meal.
        I like the stuffed peppers but for me they have a bit too much meat in them and I'd rather skip the cheese topping but they sure do make an easy and tasty meal or three.
        I like the huge chicken pot pie but I have learned to freeze some of the leftovers so that I don't get too tired of it.
        Once in awhile my Costco even has Paella or ravioli lasagna. My favorite is the meatloaf though, I hope they bring it back this fall.

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          I was pleasantly surprised by the paella. It's a do-over.

          1. re: monavano

            They need to offer the paella again. I really look forward to the stuffed brie that shows up for awhile after Thanksgiving.

          2. re: givemecarbs

            I get a couple pounds of the shrimp at a time, pickle it and keep it in a jar in my fridge. it's a great high protein, low carb snack or a protein boost for a salad. They also make a super easy hors d'oeuvre.

            The chicken pot pie is attractive but it didn't work for my family. It was much too dry and light on the flavor. I prefer to get the rotisserie chicken, break that down, render the bones & skin to make a base for gravy and then combine all that with steamed chunky veggies. I top that with my own crust. It doesn't take that much longer for a better result. The Costco chicken, tho, is what makes it a fast alternative.

            1. re: rainey

              Rainey, I don't tend to get the rotisserie chicken in the summer but come the fall I plan to enjoy grabbing one, some mushrooms and peppers cream and chicken stock all from Costco and whipping up some chicken ala king. Now if TJs would only start cranking out the puff pastry again I'll be in business.
              Had the chicken salad and shrimp salad over the summer. Chicken salad was fun and easy but I had help. I just can't eat that much shrimp salad by myself without the last little bit feeling like a bit of a chore to eat. I know, I know first world problems.
              Finally tried the black forest ham from the refrigerated section today. I like the resealable package. Very tasty with some swiss and a juicy ripe tomato on a sandwich.

              1. re: givemecarbs

                Thanks. I will keep that creamed chicken in mind.

                Those rotisserie chickens are good and I don't know how I could get a cicken and roast it for less.

                Oh! I forgot to say that tho it isn't technically a prepared food their rubbed ribs are heaven. Super meaty and yummy. For my part of the preparation all I have to do is wrap then in foil and roast them slowly at a low temperature. Then it's 15 minutes on the grill with some homemade BBQ sauce and I'm a heroine! ; >

                I know they have prepared ribs in with the rotisserie chickens but I only tend to do ribs when it's an outdoor family gathering so I don't think of them as an every day or an impulse purchase.

                1. re: rainey

                  I've been eyeing those ribs rainey. Especially now that summer is baaaack! I get the marinated flank steak sometimes and just once I got a small package of flap meat. When they have the flap meat usually the packages are pretty large.
                  Later there will be the bone in pork roasts and maybe lamb osso bucco to play with. I had fun last winter with those. First we had the lamb chops and I froze the bones. Then I got the rack of lamb and saved those bones too. I stewed all those bones up with the osso bucco lamb and that kept me warm and happy.
                  Today all I want is mint chip ice cream from TJs and iced green tea made with the costco green tea bags.

          3. The chicken noodle soup is back! Love it!

            1. They were sampling the chicken alfredo this weekend at our Costco and it was cheesey delicious.