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Sep 9, 2013 12:03 PM

Singapore/Hong Kong - Regular visitor looking for something new & different

I'm heading over to HK and Sing. on business next month. I travel to the region often, but find myself craving something different. I'm not sure exactly what, but anything new, off the beaten track, truly special or just fun / casual will probably do the trick. I miss the Singapore of old...before the arrival of celebrity chefs and all of the pretention. I'm much more interested in a superb/unique food experience rather than ticking a box on the latest list of "must visit" or fashionable places to see and be seen. I'm less familiar with HK. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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  1. Try modern-Nyonya cuisine at the two-month-old Candlenut:

    It's as Singaporean as you can get, with a slight fusion twist.

    1. If you're tired of the 'fashionable' venues and just want good food but don't care about the ambience, there are a few general options:
      (1) Venture out to the further-flung suburbs, like Yishun. There are many unsung places that you won't find even in local guides or blogs but the old timers and those living in the neighbourhood will know E.g. there is good prata, wanton mee, 'cai fan' to be found along Yishun Ring Rd near the library, and all for less than $5 too.

      (2) Go to the CBD during lunch hour and see where the lines are very long (compared to the other places, that is, given how crowded it gets around lunch time generally). E.g. the roast pork rice at Philip St, the lemak curry fish head at Ocean Curry opposite Amoy Hawker Centre (itself worth a visit)

      That's my antidote to celebrity dining (or those chic places opened by the usual suspects).

      1. Maybe you can try the slew of Latin American eateries in Singapore: La Barra Colombian at Star Vista, Venezuelan from Sur Nuevo Latino at North Canal Road, Costa Rican from Mamacita at Amoy Street Food Centre, etc.