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Sep 9, 2013 11:52 AM

Ice Cold places in Boston...

So, I was cruising around on the internet and discovered Frost Ice Bar has opened recently. For a mere $18 you can freeze your tail off with tourists and maybe a spattering of drunk college kids.

I thought the FroYo places that were popping up like a bad rash were peculiar enough for a city that battles the cold nearly half the year.

What do you all think about trends that seem to make sense in warmer regions plowing their way up North to the fine city of Boston? Is this a short stay trend or do you think it will taper off quickly?

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  1. I don't get the idea of an ice bar here. First problem, the price. I'm not going to give you $18 just to freeze, plus another $11 for a drink. $30 for one drink plus tip isn't rational. I understand this type of thing in Vegas, but not here.

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      Exactly. I went to minus5 in Vegas and they included drinks with the cover. It was also sweltering hot outside and filled with concept bars/hotels where it makes a little more sense.

      The cost of running a place like that has to be insane. I just can't see it working. Just like I can't see a Sauna bar where you pay for heat exhaustion, dehydration and gross syrupy tiki drinks not working.

    2. Visited one once ( in London? Helsinki? Can't recall) and it was OK for one (overpriced) drink, but I wouldn't go to another one. For one thing, you are given a heavy type of poncho with a hood and big mittens to wear, yuck, who knows how many people have worn these before? I think they are popular with tourists and conventioneers on expense accounts.

      1. Yeah, I'd love to pay $30 to have a drink in the freezing cold while wearing a cape that multiple people have already worn that day. Sign me up.

        1. Far from being a trend from a warmer region, ice bars are a Scandinavian thing, and have been around for a couple decades at least. Quebec City is known for its ice hotel and bar as well:

          I mean, obviously this is going to suck, because it's in Faneuil Hall, and it'll be gone within 18 months and replaced by something equally pointless. But this is something heading down from the north, not up from the south.

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          1. re: Jenny Ondioline

            Interesting! Thanks for the knowledge and correction.

          2. Gosh Madge, what will they think of next, hayump.

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