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Sep 9, 2013 11:33 AM

Dinner in Downtown Austin

First time in Austin, only here for one night. Staying at the Sheraton at the Capitol. I have a rental car so I can drive around. What would you guys recommend for dinner? I love all types of food and am willing to try anything. Looking in the price range of $20-40 per person.


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    1. Happy Hour go to the Driscoll Hotel bar. Food is awesome.

      1. The Driskill is to be avoided for food. Drinks are okay, but the food is mediocre at best.

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        1. re: jjbourgeois

          I'd disagree. Have you been for Happy Hour ?

          1. re: Rptrane

            Yup, thought it was pretty mediocre.

          2. re: jjbourgeois

            Agreed, the only thing I enjoy at the Driskill are the stuffed dates. Other than that, mediocre at best for HH.

            1. re: chrisdds98

              20-40 a person? that would work if they dont drink

              1. re: chrisdds98

                A second vote for Chez Nous. And you could squeeze in wine at the top end of the price range. Very economical, and moderately well chosen, wine list.

                1. re: chrisdds98

                  Thanks for the suggestions! Ended up going to Chez Nous. Great little place that was pretty quiet in a busy part of town. Definitely enjoyed my meal and wine there.

                  Went a little over my price range, $48 w/ tip but my company's footing the bill anyways.