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Sep 9, 2013 11:00 AM

San Miniato for Truffle Fair

What are the best restaurants in this great town to enjoy their wonderful tartufo?

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  1. are you just going for the day? or staying there?

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    1. re: Diva

      We are planning to spend the weekend. Last time I was there, we drove just a little out of town to a vineyard, that had a huge restaurant where all the truffle hunters was fantastic...would you know what the name of that restaurant was?

      1. re: sockster

        i can ask-- am going truffle hunting in October with a chef from the Bay Area and then heading up to San Miniato to the famous butchers! I assume you are coming for the festival in November?

        I know there is a famous place down the hill--- in the countryside-- name isn't coming to me!

          1. re: Diva

            Yes, coming up the 9th and 10th of Nov for truffle festival...Loved it last time I was there. Any suggestions on where to stay? I stayed in the hotel on top of the hill (next to the truffle tent) last time. Was thinking Hotel San Miniato this time.....