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Ten Tables (Cambridge) vs. Henrietta's Table

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Greetings from DC. Organizing small dinner for party of 7. Either would be lovely from all available info - i've been to neither. only requirement: food with FLAVOR. you have any strong feelings about either? Please share, thanks!

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  1. No contest: Ten Tables is far superior.

      1. They're quite different. Henrietta's Table is a big open space attached to a hotel close to the heart of Harvard Square. Ten Tables is in a dark-ish basement space in a somewhat residential neighborhood. That said, Ten Tables food is much better.

        1. If any in your group are mobility-challenged, that would swing the decision to Henrietta's, as Ten Tables is tight and harder to get in and out of. But that's the only reason I can think of.

          1. Ten Tables no question. I am completely underwhelmed by the food at Henrietta's Table.

            1. I don't know how/why you've come down to these 2, but if you do search elsewhere, you might want to look at Park in Harv Sq., and Toscano and Harvest, both in the same block of Harv Sq (not a 15 minute walk like TT.) TT is good but didn't really impress us on our only visit, and the room is tight, loud and not memorable. Harvest is elegant and muted; Toscano is open to the sidewalk and handsome; Park is below ground, large, dark and festive, with many different rooms and atmospheres. Our excellent Boston Globe food critic, Devra First: