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Sep 9, 2013 10:50 AM

Bouchon, first time - review

I went to Bouchon with a buddy last night for the first time. It was an amazing meal. No need to say too much about the interior, etc, given lots of reports on the board. The service was impeccable. Anthony was our waiter, he was terrific in every way.

Our meal was pretty simple but divine. My buddy started with a charcuterie plate. Very solid, all you could want. (The mustards they serve, with this and with the bread to start the meal, are terrific) My starter, on Anthony's recommendation, with the pate... which is one of the best dishes I've had in years. It was perfect. Not too rich, tons of flavor... wow, was this special.

We went classic for dinner... steak frites for my friend, roast chicken for me. His was perfect, incredible flavor. I am a roast chicken fanatic and pretty picky. I'd go back nightly for this chicken. Not only was the chicken itself wonderful but it might be the best au jus I've ever had. And great vegetables as well.

One of the fish dishes is served with a 'cassoulet of pole beans'. I am a pole bean freak so I asked if I could get that as a side dish. No problem! (Sign of a good restaurant to me, they go out of their way to accommodate, rather than say 'No, you can only get those with that particular dish.) We were served a big bowl of these beans which, again, were incredible.

The herbs used in all of these dishes were sublime. Everything was so fresh and the flavor combinations were dazzling. We also had a great bottle of wine they suggested, not too pricey, and I had a wonderful martini.

Can't wait to go back.

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  1. I love Bouchon...especially the Las Vegas location. All of their food is usually pretty good, but I am especially enamored of the rillettes aux deux saumons (a course salmon pâté). It's delicious, especially with an icy cold martini...yum! Do try it next time!

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      they also have a proper absinthe setup @ Bouchon LV. Not sure if same applies to BH location.

    2. I love Bouchon in Beverly Hills. Great food, professional service, friendly atmosphere, the whole 9 yards. They also have a fantastic bakery on the ground level, near the elevator.
      I like to take home a few pastries whenever I eat in the retaurant.

      1. thanks for the review. We now have a reservation for later this week. I always kind of forget about Bouchon. Yet, whenever I go, I love everything you describe. I frequently meet a good friend downstairs for lunch. Very dog friendly and the pooches love playing in the park after lunch

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          Maudies, I am so glad! Please let me know what you get and how it is. Thanks also Cujo (love it) and Josephni. I will definitely try pastries and salmon rillettes when I go next. I was going to get the pork rillettes, actually, but Anthony steered me to the pate. I've never been so happy. But am also happy to branch out. I think I am lucky I am an eastsider and don't live close!

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            That pâté is remarkable. We order 1 to share while we have our cocktails. Martini is indeed great. Alas, my husband is designated driver and thus nurses one beer throughout our meal. We have very strong feelings about drinking and driving.
            Promise a Friday update.

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              Agreed, Maudie. I do Uber when I drink at dinner.

          1. Sounds delicious. What were the per person damages before tip?

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            1. re: Servorg

              About 100 each but that was with cocktails and a nice bottle of wine.