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Sep 9, 2013 10:34 AM

Dinner and Bars near Fisherman's Wharf [San Francisco]

24, going alone for work tomorrow. I enjoy all types of food. Need some suggestions for a place in the area that's open at 9pm for dinner and then a bar afterwards. Willing to venture out a bit either through walking or taxi but want to stay somewhat close. Is there another neighborhood nearby that isn't a tourist trap like Fisherman's Wharf?


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  1. I live in North Beach, which is eminently walkable from the wharf. My 2 go to restaurants are L'osteria del Forno on Columbus, crespelle with porcini , spiedini di agnello or pizza. Yuet Lee on Stockton and Broadway for Cantonese seafood. Must try salt and pepper squid and dry fried chow fun. Specs bar across from City Lights is a classic shot and a beer waterfront dive, or 15 Romolo if you think a cocktail should have more than 3 ingredients.

    1. There are lots of good places in North Beach.

      Solo I'd probably eat at Rose Pistola or Bocadillos.

      My favorite bars around there are 15 Romolo and Comstock Saloon. They both have good food as well.

      1. The easiest path is dinner at the bar at Scoma's and drinks/blues at Lou's (upstairs) for afters. Both are in the wharf area, both attract tourists. That's San Francisco.

        Taking the "F" from the wharf to the Ferry Plaza ($2) could lead you to a better meal at nearby Barbacco on California St.. From there, you can walk to House of Shields for a decent drink and music or to Bix for killer drinks. Bix is old school, Shields is more of a scene. Taking the California St. cable car to Nob Hill for drinks at Tunnel Top (cash only) is always an option if dive bars work for you. When finished, take the "F" back to the wharf or simply walk.

        1. The worst meal I ever had was at a Fisherman's Wharf restaurant called Castagnola's. I'm a SF local but was up in the FW neighborhood with a friend and it was late - after 10pm - we decided to grab dinner at the closest open place. The meal was a surreal experience: the waitress addressed up in a deliberately fake and brash Cockney accent, the crew turned up the lights full blast early in our dinner as they began the process of cleaning up and an employee vacuumed the floor in our presence despite having the entire restaurant at his disposal. Admittedly, this occurred a loooong time ago (around the time you were born, actually!) but I bet the restaurant still exists -and I suggest avoiding it. You might try looking at the restaurant reviews on Open or

          1. For Fisherman's Wharf bars, my vote is the Gold Dust.


            They just relocated from Union Square. Bigger, nicer, but essentially the same vibe. Still providing a refuge in an otherwise untenable part of town.