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Santa Ynez Grenache Recs.

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I am heading up to Santa Ynez in a week on a Tuesday for an overnight short trip. It has been about 2 years since I have been. Grenache, Mourvedre and other Rhone style wines are my faves. I was planning to go back to Sunstone, (love their Merlot) Carrhart and Beckman. Am I missing something?? Planning to have lunch at Sides (Brothers newer restaurant)

On a side note. Has anyone tried the Rose' Mourvedre from Tercero in Los Olivos? A refreshing Rose' from Mourvedre grapes sounds really interesting.
Thank you for any suggestions!

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  1. Sorry . . . I prefer the wines from farther north. (Think Edmonds St. John, Unti, Dashe, Donkey & Goat . . . )

      1. Stolpman makes a pretty good grenache.

        1. You are not going to find much Grenache in that area, but you can definitely find lots and lots of Syrah. It won't be in the Rhone style, but the Rhone Rangers in that area have been making some great stuff. I agree with zin1953 however, you should look further north.

          1. I'm late to the thread but I like Tercero's wines. I'm looking forward to trying his Grenache blanc.

            McPrice Myers has made some good grenache from Santa Barbara grapes. I don't know if he still does. He's more Paso-oriented.

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              + 1 for Mac's wines and his second label Barrel 27

            2. Epiphany has a great Grenache (tasting room in Los Olivos) and Kenneth Volk has a great Mourvedre (winery is north - and well worth the extra drive!). I, too, enjoy Rhone style wine and those two (as well as Stolpman) are my current favorites.

              1. Have you tried Foxen lately? Foxen 7200 is experimenting with some interesting varietals and Foxen regular is pretty fruit forward but in a decently high acid way.

                I also like Rusack a lot, but they focus on the standard sauvignon blanc/pinot/syrah varietals for the most part (with a couple exceptions).