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Sep 9, 2013 10:23 AM

Crabby for Crab Apples - Has Anyone Seen Them Anywhere?

Are there any markets that have crab apples? We got part of a harvest from a tree in my aunt's garden, but I would love to buy some more so I could put them up.


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  1. yesterday one of the stands (Breezy Hill, I think) at the Sunday 5th Ave/4th St farmers market had them.

    1. Ft Greene farmer's market had them on Sat.

      1. Thanks! I found contact info for Breezy Hill Orchards and also the list of farmers at the Ft. Greene market, and I'm going to try to track them down.
        The Internet is amazing, and thanks to you both for the good leads.

        1. At least 1 stand at the farmer's market at Grand Army had them last Saturday.