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Sep 9, 2013 08:46 AM

For all you smoked salmon lovers

I have to share this discovery with other 'Hounds - Maine-ly Smoked Salmon, produced way up in the northeast corner of Maine. I was up there visiting a friend who recommended I check it out. They make some of the best-tasting hot- and cold-smoked salmon I've ever tasted.

It is farmed, not wild-caught, but it's farmed in Passamaquoddy Bay, right next to the Bay of Fundy, in clean, cold water.

They also do smoked haddock ("finnan haddie") and a Cajun version of the salmon. I didn't try those but would bet they're just as good.

You can get it on line at

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. BobB, can you please describe the flavor difference between the hot and cold smoked salmon from this company. I know what each tastes like from other purveyors but I would appreciate your first-hand experience here.

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        The textural differences are as striking as the flavor differences. Their cold-smoked salmon is like some of the best lox (or actually, more similar to Scottish smoked salmon than lox) you've ever tasted - pale orange, with a pronounced smoky flavor and just enough salt. It begs to be sliced thinly and eaten on a bagel or rye bread with cream cheese or goat cheese. Good for breakfast or as an appetiizer at lunch or dinner.

        The hot-smoked is unusually moist for this type of fish, and also has a more complex flavor profile than the cold-smoked. It's marinated before smoking with things like salt, garlic, lemon, bay leaves and molasses. It's more of a main course fish dish, especially when served with something like a mustard-mayonnaise sauce.

        1. re: BobB

          It seems that you and CH are destined to be expensive friends! Thank you for the deliciously complete flavor profile -- too bad that I cannot make up my mind and will likely need to order both.

      2. Thank you so much for sharing, Bob! I'm salivating! A smoked salmon bagel breakfast with all the fixings is one of my absolute favorite things in the world. :) Will definitely be placing an order soon!

        1. Has anyone else tried this? I'm wondering how your perceptions sync up with mine.

          1. I've tried all their products and found them excellent. Back in 2008 I drove to interview the owner for an article I was researching on Smoke Houses in Maine. My car had a problem just as I arrived after a four hour drive and the owner of Mainely Smoked Salmon got a friend of his to work on it for me. Nice guy. Great salmon.

            There are two other smoke houses doing great stuff in Maine. Grindstone Neck of Maine in Winter Harbor. Their smoked salmon and other things are great. They also do smoked crab claws. First lightly steamed, then lightly smoked, then packed in butter. Saveur magazine wrote them up around ten years ago. I don't know if the currently make them. But the owner custom smoked some uni for me that I had several chef friends try, and a former chowhound wrote an article about for

            Sullivan Harbor Farm is great too, located in Hancock.

            Of the 7-8 smoke houses that do seafood in Maine, these three are the best,and each is different enough from the other.