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Sep 9, 2013 08:33 AM

Meeting for Saturday Breakfast/Brunch between Lambertville and Fishtown?

We live just north Lambertville (Stockton) but will be traveling to Fishtown on Saturday so I thought I could meet my cousin (who lives in NE Philly on the border of Huntingdon Valley) for Breakfast/Brunch along the way. After doing a search on here, so far just Three Monkeys Cafe looks good. Are there any other good options though? I have been and done The Dinning Car and The Country Club and was never impressed with them. I wish I could go to center city and go to Sabrina's or the like but I don't feel like the hassle of the traffic and finding parking.

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  1. You might consider Ben and Irv's in Huntington Valley or Steve Stein's Deli in the Krewstown Shopping Center. 3 Monkeys is good not great, and its relatively easy to get to off of 95 (Academy exit north on Frankfort Ave and right on Grant and take it til you get to the Torresdale Train station. 3 Monkeys is right there).

    Hop Angel in the Fox Chase area does a fun brunch and will be having a bunch of Oktoberfest type things. You can eat outdoors there.

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      I'm not hugely familiar with much in that area, but I do like Hop Angel.