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Umami by Travail

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so....what's the deal here? they keep talking about how it's supposed to open this week, yet there are no tickets on sale yet for reservations. anyone have the scoop here?

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  1. According to their Facebook page, they are now hoping for next week sometime.

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    1. Just posted on their FB page that the link will go up soon.

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      1. Ticket link was sent via their email list. 10 courses, $40 includes tax and tip. Booze extra.

        1. tickets available for the week of Oct 9 - just snagged 4 for Wednesday randomly googling info about the pop up

          1. Tonight I heard Mike Brown say they are going to completely revamp the menu in a few weeks, probably to dim sum.

            1. We went tonight, for Halloween. We really enjoyed ourselves.

              The staff were in costume and had more energy than any restaurant I've ever been in. It was great fun.

              The food was interesting. It was good food, well worth the money and I liked it so much I ate way too much food and am suffering for it now.

              This pop-up thing is fun. The rough-cut burlap curtains, the general low-level of finish, the creative art displayed, the lamps, the whole thing. I really enjoyed it. I like the ticket thing, it beats waiting in a line for a seat.

              We spent about $50 per person, including a drink and tax and tip.

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                We were there last night too! Between the creative food, excellent tap list (Hitachino!) and crazy antics of the enthusiastic staff, we had a blast. The ticket system seemed to be working very well and we liked the communal table seating. The couple next to us had just returned from Hong Kong and felt Umami's food was superior. And you must admire their commitment to bringing serious food to the Northside.