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Sep 9, 2013 07:56 AM

Great Meals in Bethlehem PA

Beginning to plan for Parents' Weekend at Lehigh and am turning to my fellow chowhounds for restaurant recommendations....we've done Bethlehem Brew Works, Horns and Yianni's ....any other ideas?

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  1. I can offer 3 suggestions Bolete, Bolete, Bolete. This is your best shot in the Lehigh Valley at world class cuisine. The chef has worked in some of the great restaurants, with some of the great chefs. Selected to contribute to a James Beard Society book and appeared as guest on Philadelphia area TV shows. We had gone frequently and enjoyed our early visits the most. There were a few later visits were we thought we experienced a decline in our selected entrees. Sure you can find a good meal at many places in that area, I suppose. Bolete will offer a whole different and interesting perspective on good food. Be sure to reserve!

    1. Apollo, Edge, Molinari's, Bolete, Melt, Kome, White Orchid, Shula's if price is no object.

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          One may want to read the reviews on Trip Advisor for varied opinions on the food and service. Some good reviews, some bad and most mixed regarding what some have called a faux Mexican place: but surely not "great Meals".

        2. It would be interesting to know where you went for dinner with your parents and how all liked the choice!