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Sep 9, 2013 07:28 AM

Last night in Rome - somewhere special

Dear Chows,
I am deep into a month long stay here (work and pleasure). Today I am planning the last 10 days. My husband flies out (to the country he works) on the Monday, so our last night is a Sunday - not great planning I know! Anyway, then we don't see each other for 8 weeks (which is our life).

So....I am looking for something a bit 'special' that night....probably more so in terms of atmosphere but I would like the food to be at least nice as well. Outdoor seating preferred. Probably centro storico area? So that we can walk there from Monti and have a drink before and after. Don't mind paying high-ish prices but I would still like to keep it under 150 euros if possible.

All advice appreciated as I have been around the block and back again with places!

FYI that week, we are already going to:
Armando Al Pantheon
Taverna dei Fori Imperalia
L'Asino D'Oro

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  1. Wondering, have your plans included going out for a day in the campagna yet? For us, a the country sunday lunch is more special than any swishy evening (note, I dont have any place from my own experience to recommend in the Castelli Romani or elsewhere - we did very much enjoy a lunch at Archeologico on the Appian Way, but that was years ago so I cant attest to its continuing quality.

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      Jen, we are are spending the day in Naples but not venturing out other than that. The time we have together (when neither of us is working) is limited to 9 days, and we seem to have filled most of those days with a whole lot of stuff!

      1. re: PixieM

        You have some great choices lined up for the week, but I would seriously consider Sunday lunch in Naples. Sunday eve choices in Rome can be somewhat limited, but a light snack at an enoteca might be a good option.

        I've only had pizza in Naples, so I'll let someone with more knowledge chime in for lunch options.

        1. re: lisaonthecape

          Hi Lisa, we have booked our train tickets for Saturday in Naples and I have got a few pizza places in mind but nowhere definite yet, because it seems like I am a bit spoilt for choice in that regard!

    2. We just had an amazing dinner at Pierluigi, and it's one of the few places that are open on Sundays.

      It's a gorgeous location, set in a pedestrian piazza surrounded by 16th century palaces. But be forewarned: it's pricey. And if you don't know what you are doing, and just let them suggest various fishy things, (sold by the weight) your bill may be shocking.

      That said, we had a truly outstanding meal. We started with the insalata catalana, a salad of potatoes, cherry tomatoes , arugula and shrimp. Usually the shrimp are just normal smallish gamberi. But that night there was a special with gamberoni, plumb and barely cooked. Another in our party had beef carpaccio covered with a layer of sliced ovuli mushrooms. Again, pricey, but one of the few places in Rome I would order something like this where not only the beef has to be the best, but also the mushrooms.

      Our second course was a simply baked dentice (sea bream) with potatoes and olives.

      To drink a reasonably priced Felluga Sauvignon.

      And then there is the setting, which is priceless.

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      1. re: minchilli

        I totally agree with Pierluigi. It is always our first night and last night dining choice every summer.

        The setting is beautiful, the food perfect and service that is professional and knowledgable.

        Lorenzo and his father are great restaurant owners that are interested in your entire dining expierence.

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          Ah ha! Just after I posted this request I made a reservation at I must have got your thought message Elizabeth! I was prepared to have changed it if I got back other suggestions though....So glad to hear that you have recently had a good dinner there....the most recent reviews I could find on here were from 2010. I have to admit, it was the setting that I did go for first.....