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Sep 9, 2013 07:06 AM

A woman gets drunk at "The Dairy" and calls them misogynists for refusing to babysit her toddler while she smokes

If this is a true story I am beyond shocked at about everything in it. It is allegedly confirmed from "The Dairy" on Twitter....

Woman goes to the restaurant with friend and toddler, drinks numerous bottles of wine and complains about the restaurant refusing to watch her kid while she goes out to smoke. Then breastfeeds in the restaurant and is upset when they refuse to serve her another drink. Then refuses to pay... Read if for yourself.

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  1. If this is true, my heart breaks for the innocent child stuck with this family. Very sad situation.

    The spoofs at the end are pretty darn funny, Firegoat. :)

    1. The comments are the best part. :-)

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        The comments section are always the best part. Or scariest if it's a political piece.


      2. Stole all of our best replies.

        1. Drinking, smoking and breast feeding? What a catch!

          1. I absolutely thought it was a spoof or hoax until I saw the twitter confirmation.