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Sep 9, 2013 06:52 AM

Exciting Brussels restaurants

Hello chowhounds, I wonder if you can help me. My partner is currently living in Brussels, which so far we've found is great for traditional Belgian restaurants, as well as Congolese, Thai and Vietnamese food, but we are looking for something a bit more exciting.

When not in Brussels we live in Dalston, east London (no longer in DC, despite my user name) and we enjoy going to pop-ups and new restaurants in Dalston/Hoxton/Hackney, as well as in Soho, Shoreditch etc. We are looking for any suggestions of more 'interesting' dining in Brussels - pop-ups, street food, different cuisines etc, anything out of the way or unusual, and ideally not too expensive... In Paris, for example, we found lots of little hidden away restaurants that served various plates of whatever they had that day, anything like that would also be good!

Any help appreciated!

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  1. Try the area surrounding the Saturday little flea market just to the Northwest of the Law Court. While it has been a while, some places change slowly.

    1. I am no matter expert on Brussels. I've worked there for 5 years but besides some neighbourhood places in St Gilles and the AB restaurant before going to gigs, my inner-foodie (and disposable income) was only developed later.

      A mate of mine who is also a bit of a notorious foodblogger in Belgium, recommended this place: AUB SVP.

      Also a Flemish Newspaper De Morgen just released a couple of food guides called "Must Eat" for major Flemish cities like Ghent, Antwerpen and Brussels (yes technically still Flanders) with some more unusual choices. If you buy the guides (just 5 EUR) then you get access to the app version as well).
      Simply print the coupon and take it to your news agent.

      1. Last year, in Brussels for business, a local colleague took a bunch of us to Toukoul, the best Ethiopian food I've had outside of Ethiopia.