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Sep 9, 2013 06:44 AM

B-DAY celebration at SPRING ROLLS [Bay and Dundas]

So a group [16] of us decided to celebrate our sister 50th Birthday .The waitress was informed separate bills was needed ahead of seating .Perused the menu and saw that two tiers of AYCE was avail .Sat and Sun brunch -$16.99 for brunch and $3.00 upcharge for premium . Some of our group opted for the premium , others did not . Lunch went without a hitch . Food was serviceable.
Surprise came with the bill [s] . A family group of 5 paid and left . Waitress hands over the remaining bills . Then realizes she failed to charge the premium on every ones bill .Gathers back the unpaid bill and proceeds to remake the bills .
She informs us that she will charge the difference of the paid bill that she undercharged towards our bill and will leave it to us to seek the balance from party that left.
The waitress then re - bills every one with the additional up-charge despite not all ordered from the premium selection.
I protested and said it wasn't right for her to do that . Manager shows up and concurs with the waitress .

Not wanting escalation of scene [ too late ] and our family feels averse to confrontation , I decided to back-off .

The sad part was our birthday girl quietly paid for the waitresses mistake ..
I for one will never return as a customer .

For ruining a happy occasion ,

SHAME on you spring rolls .

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  1. Spring Rolls must have all the business they can handle to pull a stunt like that and drive 16 customers away forever.

      1. re: justxpete

        Outrageous. You were not obligated to pay. Did you leave a tip?

        1. re: KAYLO

          That was the first thing on my mind .Of course we were NOT obligated to pay .The short fall would be eaten by S R . OR SR would take it from the waitress . The billing structure was that the tip [15%]is added to the bill automatically.

          The bill with the added up-charge plus the additional up-charge was paid by the Birthday celebrant .

          Incredulity was what stunned us ,callus treatment of the customer is best I could describe it.

          I read up on SR past reviews here and now grasp the gist.

          Lesson learned .

          1. re: eliisadick

            "The bill with the added up-charge plus the additional up-charge was paid by the Birthday celebrant"

            I'm a bit confused. The shortfall (max) would have been $15 before tax and tips. What amount did the birthday girl end up paying?

            1. re: T Long

              $75 before tax and tips.

              issue #1 not every one had the premium AYCE tier ,yet all were charged .

              issue #2 we were not responsible for her error . As far as the first group that paid and left , they paid in full what was charged on the bill .

              issue #3 her logic was that some one had to cover the shortfall and it was up to that person to pursue recovery .

              sure it was not a huge amount , but more principle .

              I believe the issue was settled by the celebrant to minimize guest discomfort and quell the scene .