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Sep 9, 2013 06:43 AM

Suggestions gift certificate good quality restaurant Stamford Greenwich area

I want to get a gift certificate for my niece and her husband's 25th wedding anniversary. They like upscale restaurants. Any suggestions?
I am up in the Trumbull area and rarely get down that way. Thanks.

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  1. Very high end in Greenwich





    No as pricey but upscale in Stamford:


    1. Terry Lodge - Port Chester
      Scena in Darien - upscale Italian
      Morton's Steakhouse in Stamford
      Bonne Nuit - New Canaan
      The Whelk - Seafood - Westport
      The Dressing Room - Westport


        I for got to add Olio in Springdale (Stamford) Really wonderful.

        1. Thought I might give my opinion on a few of the places that have been suggested:

          Bonne Nuit (French bistro) and Olio (hard to categorize)--both cozy and unpretentious, great food.

          Valbella (Italian)--big, fairly noisy, "see and be seen" spot, food fine but costly, there are better Italian restaurants in the area with more reasonable prices.

          Napa--most overrated restaurant in the county; the PR effort way outstrips the food, ambience and service.

          Mortons (steak +)--classic steakhouse menu, gigantic portions of well prepared food (will never forget the time H ordered the roast chicken and was brought an entire chicken--not a Cornish game hen, a chicken), elegant atmosphere, attentive service--but it's a chain located adjacent to a shopping mall, which may make it less special for some.

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          1. re: MommaJ

            Momma, slight correction to your post. It's Capitol Grille that is adjacent to the mall. Morton's is at UBS building. Both are expense account chain steakhouses with all that implies.

            Admitedly, Napa misses Taibe and Erik but IMHO it remains the best restaurant in Stamford and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

            I am in the food writing business and have not been witness to any overt publicity push by the restaurant or an agency. They receive extensive word of mouth, especially in CH, but that certainly doesn't quality as self promotion. The restaurant supports many community causes, so if that's what you mean by PR, then I guess they are quite guilty.

            1. re: stamfoodie

              Your absolutely right--I confused the two steakhouses. I actually think Morton's location is worse--there's no there there.

              I guess what I call Napa's PR efforts are accomplished by being well-connected in town and thereby on the list for visiting corporate types. I think it's become a knee-jerk response to send visitors there. Having only dined at Napa once (in Taibe's era), and my entire party having been very disappointed with food, service, and cost, I never returned, so I'll admit I'm not in a position to critique the current incarnation.

          2. Thank you. I will let you know where I choose to get the gift certificate.