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Sep 9, 2013 04:40 AM

Restaurant equipment house in Morelia or Mexico City

(Hope that this is the right place for this post.)

I'm looking for a large, commercial grade (heavy duty) stainless steel bowl, about 12 liter capacity. I already checked Cristalería Corona in Morelia. They didn't have what I wanted.

I need to find other restaurant equipment stores in Morelia, or failing that, in Mexico City. I already know of a small shop on Calle Revillagigedo, near Arcos de Belén, Mexico City.


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  1. here you go:

    "This monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi, by a sculptor named Brooke Wright, was unveiled on April 10th, 1864, on Avenida Chapultepec...The statue is a block from Avenida Cuauhtémoc, next to a down-market shopping center, in an area where stores sell gargantuan refrigerators and other restaurant equipment"

    Finding the right 3 gallon stainless steel bowl should be a snap. Send pictures!

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    1. re: Steve Drucker

      Thanks! I'll check it out on our next trip to Mexico City.

    2. Mercado de la Merced. You'll find an enormous quantity of restaurant equipment,

      Need a salt shaker? Want a stove built to your specs? A bowl should be easy.


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      1. re: cristina

        Thanks, Cristina. I'll put La Merced on my shopping map.

        So far, I've located three different restaurant supply stores in the area of Calle López-Ayuntamiento-Revillagigedo of Centro. Mercado San Juan is pretty much in the center of that compact area.

        We'll be making a visit soon. The bowl is just an excuse for another visit to el DF. ¡Viva México!

        1. re: Anonimo

          Yep, there are a lot there with really basic stuff - restaurant supply, but for hole in the wall restaurants and fondas. If you need something more upscale, or something that a fancier resto would use, like big plastic storage tubs or crazy tart pans and the like, try Central Gourmet on Moliere just south of Rio San Joaquin.

          1. re: gueraaven

            Update: it happened that a Morelia amiga had a very large, used but good condition stainless steel bowl that she was willing to sell me for a pittance of pesos. I've already happily mixed huge, heavy bread doughs in it by hand, as well as ice brined batches of Bread and Butter Pickles in it.