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Sep 9, 2013 04:35 AM

Portland ME Hunt & Alpine Club

Hearing some positive buzz on this new place - has anyone tried yet ? What is the menu like ?

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  1. Stopped in during happy hour yesterday. Pretty Spartan set up for now (only been open a week) but comfortable. This place is about the cocktails first and foremost with lots of house drinks and some familiar bartending faces behind the bar.
    The food was more in line of apps/dessert - I don't see myself trying to put together a full blown meal here. That being said, what we had was very tasty so, even though it's drinks first, the food was not an afterthought. Tried the deviled smoked trout - very good- and a smoked salmon open faced sandwich with beets and a house made cream cheese - riff on a bagel lox and cream cheese. Added some popcorn with shallots and cheese. It was all tasty and reasonably priced during happy hour. Some interesting boards as well divided up by meat, fish, and I think pickled?
    Good crowd for a Monday when we left around 5:30.

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      Thanks for the reply - going to try to get there myself this week. Sounds good to me!

    2. Was there Sunday. We just had Drinks and a few cheeses and meats. The owner (Andrew?) was mixing and is very passionate about his craft. We first thought the room was kinda gimmicky but it grows on you a bit. I agree that a Full Meal here my not be their purpose but we'll be back to explore it further. I'd say Go.

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        Thanks for the reply - going to try to get there myself this week. Sounds good to me!