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Neat House-Made Non-Alcoholic Drinks?

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We've been going pretty regularly to Sunday brunch at Five Corners Kitchen in Marblehead. Very happy spot for us. We always get their muddled blueberry basil soda water drink w/o alcohol. Delicious and refreshing. Had a wonderful muddled drink of cucumber, lime and cilantro at Aziza in San Fran on our last visit. Any house-made (fruity herby) non alcoholic drinks along those lines that you have seen in Boston? thx much.

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  1. The last time we went to Bronwyn, I was (uncharacteristically) driving, because I hadn't wanted to schlep a giant bag of LPs from the Somerville Rock and Roll Yard Sale in the middle of Union Square. So the waitress suggested a strawberry shrub that the bartender had been playing with, which was excellent. Fair warning for those who haven't had shrubs before: it's a decidedly sour drink with a splash of vinegar in it, but because of that, it's also terrifically refreshing on a hot day.

    1. L'Espalier has a fun and creative non-alcoholic drinks program. They don't really have a non-alc drinks menu so far as I know but they will create a non-alc drink for you. Or you can have a a juice pairing with your meal just like you can get a wine pairing. I went for lunch a few months ago and had a nice passionfruit-lychee soda. I don't know how herbal/savory they will go, it seems to lean more toward fruity drinks.

      Here's a blogpost discussing a meal at L'Espalier with the juice pairings so you can get some idea of the other drinks you can get. (I don't know this blogger, it just popped up when I was trying to find out what other non-alc drinks L'Espalier offered)

      1. I'm not an expert and can't describe what I had but I have had very nice, adult-tastebud-oriented non-alcoholic drinks at Bergamot and Eastern Standard. I'm sure there are more places, but I'm more usually having drinks of the alcoholic variety. :-)

        1. A couple of weeks ago, had dinner at Journeyman, and since my husband and I like alcohol but didn't feel like drinking a lot of it, we did one wine one non-alcoholic pairing. The wine was fine, and well-matched to the food; the non-alcoholic pairing was fantastic. A little sweet in places, since it was mostly juice-based, but even the very sweet ones worked perfectly with the food.

          And the shitake mushroom egg cream was both ridiculously different and delicious.

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            Seconding Journeyman. Went there while my wife was pregnant and had the most amazing non-alcoholic drinks/cocktails -- really was quite an experience. I'd consider it again even if I didn't have to forgo alcohol.

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              I was just coming here to mention Journeyman. They do a terrific job of inventing non-alcoholic cocktails.

            2. Craigie on Main has delicious house-made sodas

              1. All of the top notch restaurants with good bar programs will make you excellent non-alcoholic drinks. I know Craigie, Eastern Standard, The Hawthorne, Drink, Bergamot, and Brick and Mortar will make them for you if asked.

                1. Island Creek makes something they call a Wags No.2. I think it has saffron in it, among other things. Absolutely dreamy, and alcohol-free.

                  1. Craigie used to make amazing non-alcoholic drinks that paired well with a meal. One of Craigie's bartenders, Paul, moved on to Bergamot, and he made awesome drinks at Bergamot too. Nothing I can remember the name of at either places, as I usually asked the waiter to have them make something that paired well with whatever I was eating.

                    I tried a few of the juices at L'Espalier and some were interesting, but some fell a bit flat - not as interesting as Craigie's or Bergamot's drinks. Market in the W used to also offer 2-3 house-made sodas that were pretty good.

                    1. Eastern Standard always has a solid non-alcoholic/mocktail section on their menu.


                      1. Eastern Standard and Rendezvous.