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Sep 8, 2013 10:42 PM

Neat House-Made Non-Alcoholic Drinks?

We've been going pretty regularly to Sunday brunch at Five Corners Kitchen in Marblehead. Very happy spot for us. We always get their muddled blueberry basil soda water drink w/o alcohol. Delicious and refreshing. Had a wonderful muddled drink of cucumber, lime and cilantro at Aziza in San Fran on our last visit. Any house-made (fruity herby) non alcoholic drinks along those lines that you have seen in Boston? thx much.

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  1. The last time we went to Bronwyn, I was (uncharacteristically) driving, because I hadn't wanted to schlep a giant bag of LPs from the Somerville Rock and Roll Yard Sale in the middle of Union Square. So the waitress suggested a strawberry shrub that the bartender had been playing with, which was excellent. Fair warning for those who haven't had shrubs before: it's a decidedly sour drink with a splash of vinegar in it, but because of that, it's also terrifically refreshing on a hot day.

    1. L'Espalier has a fun and creative non-alcoholic drinks program. They don't really have a non-alc drinks menu so far as I know but they will create a non-alc drink for you. Or you can have a a juice pairing with your meal just like you can get a wine pairing. I went for lunch a few months ago and had a nice passionfruit-lychee soda. I don't know how herbal/savory they will go, it seems to lean more toward fruity drinks.

      Here's a blogpost discussing a meal at L'Espalier with the juice pairings so you can get some idea of the other drinks you can get. (I don't know this blogger, it just popped up when I was trying to find out what other non-alc drinks L'Espalier offered)

      1. I'm not an expert and can't describe what I had but I have had very nice, adult-tastebud-oriented non-alcoholic drinks at Bergamot and Eastern Standard. I'm sure there are more places, but I'm more usually having drinks of the alcoholic variety. :-)

        1. A couple of weeks ago, had dinner at Journeyman, and since my husband and I like alcohol but didn't feel like drinking a lot of it, we did one wine one non-alcoholic pairing. The wine was fine, and well-matched to the food; the non-alcoholic pairing was fantastic. A little sweet in places, since it was mostly juice-based, but even the very sweet ones worked perfectly with the food.

          And the shitake mushroom egg cream was both ridiculously different and delicious.

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            Seconding Journeyman. Went there while my wife was pregnant and had the most amazing non-alcoholic drinks/cocktails -- really was quite an experience. I'd consider it again even if I didn't have to forgo alcohol.

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              I was just coming here to mention Journeyman. They do a terrific job of inventing non-alcoholic cocktails.

            2. Craigie on Main has delicious house-made sodas