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Sep 8, 2013 07:49 PM

Down on Taboon

So disappointed! I had saved one night for middle eastern, Israeli food, and Taboon was my pick. While the mussels were great as a mezze, we ordered the Vegetable Grill as our entree - and in spite of the promise of goat cheese and fennel, this seemed to missing in action. In total there were 6 gnocchis and a whole lot of over salted, over greasy squash. Okay, they threw in a few mushroom and an asparagus. Really? No presentation, no flavour (except for salt), and nothing at all interesting in terms of herbs. I left the table hungry, disappointed and a sense that I was ripped off. I wish I had gone to Gazala's as several on this Board had recommended. Next time.

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  1. One dish should not make or break a place.

    I've been to Taboon 3 times but not in the last 2 years and each time I enjoyed the first course and dessert course a bit more than the second. That's not to say I didn't like their meat and fish, but their strength is with the mezes, bread specialties, and that sick Silan. Grilled veggies is just about the last thing I would order in an Israeli restaurant (lived in Israel for 10 years). No excuse for the messy sounding dish but still.

    1. I agree with Ziggy -- you ordered wrong. The fish specials at Taboon are always incredible as is the regular branzino w/ cauliflower. Go for the fish, the lamb, the bread the scallops, etc. I had fantastic fish there last week.
      And I ate at Gazala the other night and it was pretty mediocre. On a one to ten I would rate Taboon an 8 and Gazala a 4 for my recent meals.

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        Ah, but the Israeli cuisine that I know and love makes the best of veggies. This is one of the things that I appreciated so much during my time in Israel: the combo of grains and greens and fruit - a sweet and savoury combo of vegetarian delight. We ordered the vegetable grill because my wife is a vegetarian (who sometimes ventures into the pescaterian realm). Ordering wrong? I don't think so - something so underwhelming as this dish we had should simply not be on the menu. Do it right or not at all.