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Sep 8, 2013 07:01 PM

By Toronto standard, Great authentic Macau/Portuguese food inside 'New Kennedy Mall' food court, Hwy #7 and Kennedy.

A while back, I was given a head's up about some of the great and cheap food offered by this authentic Macau/Portuguese food stall.
Today, whilst running errands in the vicinity of the 'New Kennedy Mall' and Peachtree Plaza at the corner of Hwy #7 and Kennedy, I decided to investigate about this relatively unknown gem.
The 60+ year old owner/chef of this place has quite an impressive credential behind him!! With 30+ year experience as senior chef at the 5* 'Mandarin Oriental Hotel' in Macau, his Macau/Portuguese dish offering apparently is as authentic as can be.
I ordered some Fried Bacalhau Croquettes, African Chicken and Baked Portuguese Chicken Rice for take-out. They all tasted authentic, pleasantly delicious and cheap!! A real nice find!!

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  1. I completely agree. My wife's family is from Macau and sometimes we pick up these dishes, since I'm not aware of any other Macau-style restaurants in the GTA.

    The one other dish I'd recommend is the "Sawdust Pudding", when they have it available.

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    1. re: clive

      It's been a family favourite for years. Cannot beat $3.50 for a pork chop bun with milk tea. Parents think it's one of the better hunnan chicken rice in town. Portuguese chicken on rice is my husband's fave. And the lady at the counter is always so cheerful. Definitely one of the best deals in mkm.

    2. Thanks so much Charles for revealing this place. No idea there was Macau cuisine available in Toronto. I'm so intrigued!

      1. OMG, thanks for the heads up, I am craving some good Fried Bacalhau Croquettes. I'll have to give it a try soon! My family is also from Macau!

        1. Thanks Charles for the find. Stopped by for a quick bite tonight. Ordered the Hainan Chicken with rice. Much better than the one from Phoenix and half the price almost at $4.99. The chicken has great texture and not totally soft like many other places in Toronto. It's also pretty flavourful and reminds me a little like a fish sauce flavoured chicken. The rice is not oily but I've had better in terms of flavour. For $5, I don't think any other place can beat that.

          I also tried the Sawdust Pudding. I've read about them before and always wanted to tried and based on Clive's recommendation, I took the plunge and it was delicious. I don't know how they stack up to others and whether they are authentic, but $5 gives you a decent sized slice and once again, a great deal in my opinion. The cake was light, creamy and not overly sweet and it was devoured by my wife and I. Word of advice, don't eat it right away and let it thaw out a little as the slice I got was practically frozen. Once thawed, it was a thing of beauty!

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          1. re: ragged25

            Glad you find the food acceptable!
            Yes!! The way they use 'Free Range' chicken for the Hainan Chicken Rice dish really makes the difference!! That's what chicken used to taste like before the 'mushy, cotton textured, steroid chicken' comes along!!
            Also one reason why all great Southern Fried Chicken places down in the States all use Free Range Bird!!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              It very well could be free range chicken, which does make a big difference. Not sure how they make any money if it is. I might head back tomorrow to try some deep fried cod croquettes and Portuguese chicken. Also interest in Swiss sauced chicken wings and African chicken. I wonder if they have Portuguese styled suckling pig , or seafood paella? I didn't go through their menu that closely.

              1. re: ragged25

                Actually retail price for 'Wing Tat Farm' free range chicken is less than $10 a bird. Whole sale price for eateries should be cheaper. They could easily make 7-8 rice dishes from 2 birds. With low overhead and may be rent, after doing the maths, I think profits can be made from that $5 rice dish?!

            2. re: ragged25

              What is sawdust pudding? Is it a dessert or an entree?

              1. re: flonie

                Sweet dessert. You can find out more about it on websites like Google and YouTube.

                1. re: justsayn

                  The african chicken is good as well but we tend to stick to hainan chicken and portuguese chicken.
                  Stirfry noodle has good wokhay. Not gourmet but much cheaper than most hk diners - their black pepper 'steak' portion is very generous. Our children's favorite place for a 'snack'.
                  Not one bad thing on the menu. Only con is like most food court places, due to cost, uses lower quality white rice.
                  This place is the real deal.

              2. re: ragged25

                @ ragged25
                Finally had a chance to try the Saw dust Pudding!! Exactly what you described! Sooooo good and......fattening!!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Thanks to the recommendation, I tried out this place earlier this week too. Loved the sawdust pudding. It's one of the better (and prettier looking) ones that I have had.

                  Tried the baked Portuguese Chicken on rice. I found it a bit mild in flavour, though still quite good, with so much chicken in it that I wish there were more potatoes and other vegetables ;-) Maybe I am more used to stronger flavours too?

                  Definitely going back to try their other dishes.

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    Haha, you are making me wanting one for a midnight snack. I must try to find another place that makes one to compare. Or try making one myself per the recipe below.

                2. Thanks Charles for the rec. I tried Hainan chicken rice, sawdust pudding, portuguese chicken, ox tongue with mushroom, red kidney beans with stewed "pork hooves", and crsipy bun with pork chop. The only thing I don't like is the "brown rice" too mushy to my liking.