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Sep 8, 2013 07:00 PM

Prime rib for birthday dinner

Hi! My friend is set on having the best prime rib in LA for her birthday next week. We've been to Lawry's several times, which is fun overall as an experience, but this time we're looking for the actual best prime rib that can be had in LA. I've searched the boards, but Lawry's is what keeps coming up even though everyone agrees that the food isn't necessarily the best. Or the Tam O'Shanter for charming atmosphere, but pretty much the same food. Any tips for us? Thanks so much!

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  1. The prime rib at the Tam is good, but Lawrys is better. If you've never been though, the atmosphere is charming, but the dining room can be hit and miss, I love the ale and sandwich bar though

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      Hi! Thanks for your reply. I realize I wasn't clear in my original post. I'm looking for a place that's NOT Lawry's or the Tam O'Shanter.


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        I think that the prime rib at the Grill on the Alley in the Hills of Beverly is quite good. Have you ever tried it at any of the Hillstone restaurants (nee Houston's)? Also quite good. Check in advance about availability as the places who don't specialize in prime rib may, or may not have it on the night you want to go. I've never tried the prime rib at the Pacific Dining Car, but it also gets attention when this dish is talked about.

    2. You might want to check but Morton's used to offer prime rib on Friday nights.

      1. We've had a similar issue regarding the state of prime rib in LA. I'm in the "Lawry's is overrated" camp. We ended up at Hillstone's in Santa Monica and found the PR very good. They don't have the typical English trappings (Yorkshire Pudding, Welsh Rarebit, etc), but otherwise delicious.

        I've also enjoyed the PR at Houston's (essentially the same chain) in El Segundo, and at the Wood Ranch in Camarillo.

        I do miss having those old school prime rib restaurants of the past, like Gulliver's in the Marina. I'm aware of the one in Irvine, but generally don't go to that area to eat.

        Are those places relics of the past, or is it time for a comeback for prime rib?

        An old Chowhound discussion on Prime Rib:

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          We do go to the Gulliver's next to John Wayne Airport as frequently as our travels allow. Still excellent. We really like all the normal trappings of the prime rib specialty houses.

          Another good option, not quite as far as Gulliver's in OC, would be the Dal Rae in Pico Rivera.

          1. re: Servorg

            Thanks, we will have to try them sometime.

          2. re: Ogawak

            +1 for houstons

            I was surprised by how good it was because non of my friends ever talk about it. I won't say it's the same as (or better than) lawrys, but overall I enjoy it as well.

          3. Not sure why you say everyone agrees the food at Lawry's isn't necessarily the best. I haven't had better prime rib in town than there. Tam is owned by Lawry's.

            Look forward to hearing about your friend's bday dinner and the prime rib. Hope you enjoy.

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              I'm a big Lawry's prime rib fan. Never found another restaurant that served a better prime rib dinner. The Tam doesn't even come close.

            2. Musso & Frank does a fantastic prime rib.