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Sep 8, 2013 05:42 PM


does anyone remember this place ? it was across the street from kraft foods and sold fried shrimp by the pound and other ready cooked seafood specialties, we would eat it on the hood of the car as it was to go only and delicious

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  1. My sister and I were just reminiscing about Al's! Steaming hot breaded, deep fried jumbo shrimp served in a brown paper bag. It was a special treat after catching some sun at Olive Park off Grand Ave.

    1. Yes....very fondly. Can still taste their wonderful fried shrimp, even though it's been about 40 years. All four kids were crammed into the back seat of our 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury and stuffed our faces full. I think the four of us got to split a pound with some fries while mom and dad got their own pound.

      Nobody did fried shrimp better. That location closed and another was opened in Buffalo Grove. Never made it there but dad and I thought about doing that.

      1. Man! Just read the header for this thread and I can smell and taste the fish! Now I'm hungry for some fried fish. Oy.

        1. Yes! Totally! In the sixties, we lived in Skokie, and my dad had a sailboat moored in Monroe Harbor. After sailing, before heading home to Skokie we'd go by Al's. I remember Kraft Foods across the street. Brown bag full of HOT fried shrimp! Oh, yeah! So glad to find these posts.