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Sep 8, 2013 05:16 PM

DH is getting cold feet re move from Mac Groveland to Mpls :0(

We live in Mac Groveland in a house that's bigger than we need since DD is long gone. I want to move to a condo in Mpls in the area near Surdyk's.

From our home in Mac Groveland, DH regularly walks or bikes to Trotters (a neighborhood cafe in Merriam Park that uses local ingredients) and Cafe Latte on Grand, where he likes the soups and salads. Can you suggest places like Trotters and Cafe Latte that are safe to walk to, even really early in the morning when it's still dark outside, from the Surdyk's area? If I can tell him about a few places he could walk to where he would find good food similar to Trotters' and Cafe Latte's, it would make him feel better about the move.

Thanks mucho.

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  1. The Wilde Roast Cafe in St. Anthony Main and the Astor Cafe also in St. Anthony Main are great cafe/bakery/sandwich type places that would be a great start.
    Pizza Nea for fun salads and pizza.
    Spoonriver does great weekend brunches and baked goods.
    Really in that area there are so many fun restaurants, bars and cafes in a 10-15 block area that he should be in heaven.
    I live in St. Paul and love it, but we don't have nearly the options that MPLS does.

    1. Notable American bistro fare (almost everywhere in our area is on the local thing) in SAW/SAE:

      Wilde Roast
      Aster Cafe
      Red Stag
      Eli's East

      You'd also be a quick jog/ride across the river from North Loop, and several additional American options.

      1. I think for early morning, the best/only bets right in the area are Taraccino coffee shop and Brueger's Bagels. Have not had food at Taraccino, but the coffee drinks are decent- a cozy spot that you can settle in with coffee and a newspaper. A lovely place for treats, soup, sandwiches, coffee, donuts is the Cheese Shop in Surdyk's. Drawbacks inlude only opening at 9am and having limited seating-outside. But, the food is delicious, the people that work there- very competent. And then lunch or later you have the whole world of restaurants in that area, from Brasa and Alma to Keegan's. A new coffee shop that I still have not stopped in is called Lavvu- it is on 4th St, just west of 35W. Looks cute from the outside. For the adventurous, one could bike down University to campus and go to the Purple Onion for coffee or Al's Breakfast (actually exciting to go early morning- almost always a seat).

        I'm sure it is certainly a change in personality from MacGroveland, but St Anthony is the birthplace of Minneapolis! I would be stoked to look for a condo in that area, and there is so much to offer in the area for foodies!

        1. Great info, all. Thank you very much.

          DH is a great walker and biker, so heading into Mpls is totally doable for him. What would he find not too far across the river in the way of breakfast places using locally sourced ingredients and places with great soups and salads (a la Cafe Latte)?

          Thanks again.

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            In downtown Mpls for breakfast, I love Firelake Grill in the Radisson on 7th. off Nicollet Mall. They use locally sourced ingredients. Here's their menu.


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              Presuming you don't mean for dinner (as you could just look on yelp and find BLG, Smack Shack, Black Sheep, Bachelor Farmer could probably use yelp for most of this really):

              Moose & Sadie's

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                There's nothing like Trotter's - I adore it, too, but Moose & Sadie's is nearby, and Birchwood is a nice bike ride away via West River Road. I think he'll love them both.

              2. More great ideas, guys---Thank you! Yes, Foureyes, I did mean breakfast. I'm in charge of finding places for lunch and dinner :0) and I have no fear about finding a bazillion great places. It's DH and his breakfasts I am worried about. I rarely if ever eat breakfast out, so your suggestions are gratefully received. Anne---DH often bikes to Birchwood from our home; thanks for reminding me it works from the other direction too :0) And now I'm off to google Moose and Sadie's, Janine's, and Fireside Grill!
                Thanks again.

                OOPS! Forgot to add: bonus points for breakfast places that open at 6 am. I just pointed out to him that he will actually be closer to two of his favs---Colossal Cafe in St. Anthony Park (which opens at 6 am) and Birchwood.

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                  I WISH we had Colossal in this neighborhood...those yeast-risen pancakes are the stuff of dreams. But Moose & Sadie's is no slouch.

                  Taraccino Coffee is open @ 6, as is the Brueggers next door. There is a Caribou in the Lund's on University that opens @ 6 and Lund's is open and, apart from Sarah Jane's, is one of the only places in NE to get decent doughnuts (it's sad, I know). Other than that, I am unsure of anywhere else in that area open @ 6. Ideal diner on Central maybe?

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                    Ideal Diner is within an easy bike ride. I'm not sure how early they open but it might be worth a phone call to find out.

                    1. re: ChillyDog

                      From the Heavy Table review:

                      Ideal Diner
                      Diner food in Northeast Minneapolis

                      1314 Central Ave NE
                      Minneapolis, MN 55413
                      OWNER: Kim Robinson
                      HOURS: 6:30am-4pm daily
                      VEGETARIAN / VEGAN: Yes / No
                      ENTREE RANGE: $5.50-9.50
                      BAR: No