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Sep 8, 2013 04:25 PM

Should one loaded up on the 2011 Mosel before the Autobahn Bridge destroy the Terroir?

The bridge aside, 2011 is supposed to be a classic vintage for German Riesling especially the Middle Mosel and worthy of buying/collecting.

With the construction of the new 150 meter autobahn bridge spanning over some of the famous Welhen and Urzig vineyards, should one load up on these wines based on vintage rating as well as 'historical' and 'end of an era' consideration? For sure this engineering monster will impact on the amount of sunshine and terroir around these vineyards and change the wine characteristics?! No?!

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  1. So have the Terroirists lost?

    1. If one enjoys DRINKING Mosels, then one should load up on EVERY fine vintage . . . I wouldn't buy any extra just for the sake of a bridge . . . .

      1. Great headline. Satire, right?