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Sep 8, 2013 03:33 PM

Good pub to go for a curry [London]

Will be staying in Mayfair and it seems to have more upscale restaurants. One evening we would like a casual option for dinner. Maybe a good pub to get a curry? Much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Yikes - don't go to a pub for a curry! If you want a curry go to a REAL, Indian restaurant. Don't be afraid to travel around London and get out of Mayfair if you don't want 'upscale.'

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    1. re: zuriga1

      I've never been 'afraid' to travel around London but I do prefer to walk back to a hotel after eating dinner, and taxi prices are high. Often when I am in London these days I am busy all day long, on and off transport all day long, and at the end of the day I'd like to be able to skip that part of the London experience if possible to eat decently and in a relaxed way near where i am staying.

      1. re: barberinibee

        I know lots of people like to eat near their hotel - no matter the city. Especially if one is somewhere for business, the end of the day finds the person pretty knackered. I do think tourists on a leisure holiday should move around and not limit themselves. Yep - taxis are expensive in London... like everything else here.

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          Sightseeing sometimes feels for me the most exhausting thing I ever do, and I always like to go back to my hotel at the end of the day before dinner, which makes me quite interested in not having to get back onto the tube again. As much as I can when I travel as a tourist, I pick my restaurants first and my hotels second.

          Also, I seldom want to spend upscale prices for every dinner meal, but in London it can add considerably to the overall cost of a dinner to tack on 2 taxis, and feels like it defeats the purpose if one was looking for a casual, modest mea with prices to match.

          I've never been to Ye Grapes in Mayfair. Does anyone know if it has reasonable food? (I know it has Thai, so they must have a Thai curry.)

          1. re: barberinibee

            I do so know what you mean by tacking on transportation costs. We take the train to London and it automatically puts another £25 or so on to the excursion cost. I'm lucky to be old and have a Senior Railcard. :-)

            I don't know of Ye Grapes. Maybe someone else here can help with that.

            1. re: barberinibee

              Ye Grapes isn't the greatest - it's fairly bog-standard Thai, to mop up the beer.

              OP - Mayfair is quite a big area, but your options for interesting casual dinners are better if you venture "over the border" into Soho/Fitzrovia/Edgware Road - have a dig around this board for recommendations in those spots. But I'd definitely second Roti Chai for a quick bite.

              1. re: bodessa

                Lol- I am actually currently standing in Ye Grapes waiting for someone.

                Have not eaten or seen the food, however, apart the Churchill in notting hill- I have not had a decent Thai in pub.

      2. Hi,

        Yeah, I also do not know of a pub I could possibly recommend at all to get a 'curry' in. I suggest to go to a pub for a bit and then follow it with a curry in a restaurant.

        Just a short walk from Mayfair is Roti Chai which does good Indian food in casual surroundings. There is ultra-casual upstairs which is more street food originated and the 'dining room' in the basement which has a larger menu.


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        1. re: restaurantsandrants

          We just came back from Roti Chai and it was ah-mazing! Thanks for the tip,

          1. re: restaurantsandrants

            Thank you for the rec. we did get to Roti Chai & had a good meal.

          2. A few years ago I had to stay in Mayfair and the best place I ate casually and affordably was El Pirata for tapas and small plates. Unfortunately, it can get noisy and tables are cramped, but it was still preferable to either a pricey cab or public transport after dinner.


            1. The Heron Pub has some of the best Thai (largely Issan) food in London - somewhat close to Mayfair - around Paddington. Any recent updates?

              1. Not curry, but try the Guinea Grill on Bruton St for olde worlde pubbe charm and pies. Or Shepherd's Market for Lebanese at Al Hamra. There is an Indian at the end of South Molton Street which says it supplies to Buckingham Palace (does HRH get takeaways?!) but never tried it.

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                  Thank you for Guinea Grill. Meal was excellent!