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Sep 8, 2013 03:21 PM

Go West ..86 West

A summer fall type evening on a festival Saturday evening in Doylestown brought us to 86 West. We got lucky and had a outdoor seat in their courtyard/patio. The restaurant was very busy but the service was attentive and informative. A relatively small but nice selection of draft beers and a special drink menu plus being on the cusp of a 1/2 price happy hour. A shared hummus plate with a taste special topping with large with more than enough pita. My wife had them remove the pastrami from a flatbread which was served with a order of the roasted brussel sprouts, both of which were excellent. I had "The World's Best Sandwich" which may have been just that; it was very good. The menu is extensive and all in our view seem to love their choices. We will stop when in the area to venture into their other menu items. Great spot , nice venue , good food on a faux fall day: I need no more.

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  1. Sounds like you had a better meal than I have had over the years at 86 West. They share a kitchen with the restaurant next door, the Knight House. 86 West has emphasized Asian inspired food which has been less than inspiring. I long ago 86ed this restaurant from my rotation. For beer in Doylestown, Stefanies, Moms and Mesquite Grill all have better selections.

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      Yeah, we also went to 86 West last summer/fall and found it ok but not really worth a repeat visit. Slow service outdoors (on a mid-afternoon when they weren't especially busy), Americanized sushi rolls not really worth any memory, and a few other elements as far as the atmosphere and all that just left me feeling "meh."

    2. Looks like I am the contrarian on all counts this weekend. A close by patron proclaimed the short rib sliders to be extraordinary; will definitely give them a try next time. Just trying to call them as I see/taste them. I suppose over any given time many things can change for good or bad. I have no dog in the fight!

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        Based on your review, I am willing to give it another try It goes to show it really matters what you order at a restaurant. Maybe I need to give their non-Asian dishes a try. I used to be a big fan of Knights House, but when they took over 86 west, I found that both places changed from what I used to like at Knights House. But its always worth returning, especially to a place that is so close. Thanks again!

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          Obviously we had very limited exposure to their menu but what we did have made a return sure. Friends had also liked the Knights House; have heard nothing lately regarding it.

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          We had lunch there on Saturday. They had Wellfleet oysters. They were perfectly shucked and delicious!

        3. I was walking my dog last july past there on a hot day and the hostess brought out a dish of water for her. Very kind. And my dog seemed to enjoy the water a lot. :)