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Dinner at Lake of the Ozarks

k_d Sep 8, 2013 03:14 PM

We wanted a nice venue to have my dad's 85th birthday dinner. My SIL has connections, so we ended up at Baxters Lakeside Grill. I have to say... the place is a little noisy for me. No, they aren't playing crazy music, but the high, open-conduited ceilings always tend to amplify the Human-Being noises within. Not offensive, but with our group, I found I needed to holler or just get up and talk in their ears. I didn't see any couples and smaller groups in booths around us needing to do the same, so I attribute that to the size of our group. OK, that is all the negative I want to say.

The waitstaff, m'd and everyone else were terrific. I know they hate our huge groups, but they kept their chins up, chatted with my gorgeous (-- ed: please stop injecting highly personal notes) grandchildren, and even though something happened in the kitchen with my son's salmon, NO ONE in our party had a bad thing to say.

They served up an outside-prepared cake for my dad (he loves Boston cream pie -- have you ever seen it in sheet-cake form? my SIL's contact - who has pro training - did a gorgeous job!), and were the most accommodating staff I can remember in a long time.

So, bottom line. From KC strips, planked salmon, chicken fingers (Yeah, I know I have to proselytize my baby granddaughter), and broiled pork loin, Baxters did great at the Lake of the Ozarks. Oh, and food aside? The sunset is freaking AWESOME.