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Sep 8, 2013 03:01 PM

Hearth- New Hope or No Hope?

I have read all the glowing reviews on Yelp and stopped to lunch on a lovely day on their patio. Great day, great people watching but that was it for the superlatives. The service was slower than slow at all points of engagement. I ordered a "Rosemary – Limeade Tart and sweet ----This drink is comprised of organic lime juice and rosemary syrup completed with sparkling Pellegrino. The glass this was served in could not have been more than a squat 4 oz. martini glass filled to the top with ice, no taste of reosemary syrup and maybe one bubble of Pellegrino for $4.00. When I asked if this was the way they always served this drink I was asked " is it not strong enough?"I would have no way of knowing that as there was so little of anything to drink. Some time later my wife's soup was served cold with a oily taste, we asked for it to be removed. Waiting for a sandwich and small plate for another half hour the two previous tastes led us to the decision to drop the money for the drink and leave. This was a brilliant, busy Sunday and the place was almost empty. Probably somewhere between the glowing Yelps and our impressions is a median truth. I will leave that for other to find!

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  1. Interesting contrast to your experience Bacchus. I still have not gotten here yet.

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      Exactly right; those reviews and others of the like are the reason, with all the other options in New Hope/Lambertville, we invested our time, calories and money at Hearth. Such are the vicissitudes of life.

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        Went to a very nice byob on Mechanic St. last Sunday, owned by a very young chef. I don't think they are open for lunch. Cafe Blue Moose.

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          Blue Moose has a really interesting story, and is essentially a place where teens learn to cook. In some ways it feels like eating at the Restaurant School in Philadelphia or reminds me of the day when i would eat at the Statler Hotel at Cornell when dinner that night was someone's "final project."


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            JR,CW thanks for the recs on Blue Moose will give it a try some day soon.

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              I'm a big fan of Blue Moose. For $27 + tip I've had a number of good meals there. The young/teen staff are enthusiastic and eager to please. There have been a few misses, usually something minor, and the wait staff and BOH actually want the feedback. They also do some catering.

              BYOB, to boot!

        2. Since my review led you to try the place, I am very sorry for your bad experience. I'd like to encourage you to give it another try...for dinner. We've been there twice and were generally satisfied. That said, there are certainly better choices in the area (The Pass, Villa Ponte, Sprig and Vine, D'Floret, Hamilton's Grill Room). The Hearth's strengths are its setting, the moderate prices, the nice mix of vegetarian and pescatarian dishes and the freshness of the ingredients).

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            famdoc, thanks for your comments and other rec's a few of which we have enjoyed, others unvisited. Never know about these things, off day, absent chef, tired staff. I am sure your comments on your visit were valid that day.