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Sep 8, 2013 01:59 PM

Sports bar close to the Paradise

I'm seeing a show Tuesday night at the Paradise in Allston. I'd also like to catch the USA vs Mexico footsoccerball game starting shortly before the gig. Where would be a good place? There's a bar in the same bldg as Paradise - would they show matches there? There's also a Sox game the same night, so I guess I'm looking for a place with multiple TVs where one might be tuned to the World Cup quals. Thanks.

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  1. Coolidge Corner Clubhouse has a zillion tv's and decent food.

    Joshua Tree further out on Comm Ave.

    And at Brighton and Harvard, Tavern in the Square.

    1. Your best bet might be Game On, located inside Fenway Park itself. Food and drink are average for a big neon sports bar, but they have a million tvs and will tune to anything.

      The bar inside the Paradise is really for pre-show drinks. Highly doubt they'd have the game. Most of the bars in that immediate vicinity are not so much sports bars. You might want to call ahead to see if they'd offer the match before making your final plan.

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        Game On is not inside Fenway, it's on the corner of Brookline Ave and Lansdowne. It's not too far but the aforementioned T's Pub next to the Paradise probably would have one screen with soccer. And the bar/lounge inside the Paradise always has sports on TV. I think they have 3 or 4 screens and probably one would have the world cup. Also White Horse Tavern and Common Ground would probably have soccer but much further away.

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          Connected to Fenway is probably a better way to put it.

      2. Given the players, Sunset Cantina might well turn the game on. The food is by no means great, but I've had some perfectly serviceable nacho platters there, at least. Hope Hooky doesn't suck, for your sake.

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        1. re: Jenny Ondioline

          I hope so too. At least the songs will be good enough that he can't butcher it much. Looking forward to hearing the gruff Bass God sing the words "Our love / Is like the flowers".

          At worst, the gig gives me a reason to make it out to Allston and try Inaka again.

        2. If the bar is T's pub they likely will be able to show the game but you may want to call ahead.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions. Will try T's Pub as it's so close by, then move on down Comm Ave / Brighton to the other spots as needed.