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Sep 8, 2013 01:49 PM

Lodge Preseasoned griddle vs staub and LC enameled crepe pans vs de buyer mineral B crepe pan or any other flat pan?


I have been looking for a flat pan to prepare indian dosa(like crepes) and chapathi(like tortillas). I would like to replace my nonstick pans which i am curretly using for them. I read lot of posts and suggestions by Chemicalkinetics, paulj and lot others about the lodge,staub, LC and de buyer individually but could not decide which one to buy?
Can you please give me your suggestions on which one to buy for making indian dosa(Crepe) and which one for Chapathi(Tortilla)?

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    1. re: rwilley13

      I feel the lodge pizza pan is more heavier than lodge griddle
      Will it be good for crepes?

    2. Hi, I was on the same boat like you.. Actually, I ordered deBuyer blue steel crepe pan 9.5" on amazon.com. It seasoned beautifully but it didnt sit flat on my glass stovetop. So I sent that pan back to amazon and ordered deBuyer mineral B crepe pan. Tomorrow I will receive that pan, so let me check and tell you how the pan works for our dosas and chapathi..

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      1. re: 2babymom

        Thanks for the info 2BM.
        Can you please let me know why do u feel it doesnt sit on the glass stovetop?
        Are you planning to use single pan for both chapathi and dosa?

        Also please let me know which method did you use for cleaning the Bewax coating(either potato peel method or some other) and the seasoning?
        I will wait for your feedback about deBuyer mineral B crepe pan

        1. re: Sri5227

          I think deBuyer blue steel crepe pan are thinner than debuyer mineral b crepe pans. so it warped under the high heat?( 5 out of 10 on glass stove top) while seasoning. Therefore I opted for mineral b pan. Also I used the potato peel method to clean the bewax. i referred to this review on amazon
          And for mineral B pan I am going follow this method as mentioned on another review on amazon

          1. re: 2babymom

            Are you planning to use the same mineral B pan for chapathi too?

            1. re: Sri5227

              yup. Unless and until it starts stick :)

              1. re: 2babymom

                I dont know how it will be on the mineral B.
                But generally people suggest not to use dosa pan for chapathi and viceversa for the Nonsticks pans.
                Thats why I am thinking a bit to use it for both

                Just waiting to know your experience with mineral B and your attempts with both dosa and chapathi before i decide on it

                1. re: Sri5227

                  Hello 2BM,

                  Hope you received the mineral B pan.
                  Can you please share how did it turn up for dosa and chapathi?


                  1. re: Sri5227

                    Hi, I haven't received that pan yet. I will sure write my experience after using it. :)

                    1. re: Sri5227

                      Hi Sri,
                      Today I received mineral B pan and prepared chapathis with it..
                      Its virtually nonstick with the first use.. Although I haven't used that pan for dosas, I will give you a feedback. But I have to say its a great pan, with good weight but handles do get hot unlike blue steel crepe pan. I am glad that I returned blue steel and ordered this one. I dont think dosas will stick.. I found that its very easy to season mineral b pan than blue steel. Hope this helps.. If you need any further clarification please ask me..

                      1. re: Sri5227

                        one more thing I forgot mention is it doesn't required high heat to fry chapathis. Only medium heat(5 out of 10) was enough on our glass stovetop. I am very happy with this mineral b pan which I was not very blue steel crepe pan..

                        1. re: 2babymom

                          Hi 2BM

                          Thanx for the feedback.

                          With the information on this forum, I decided not to buy any of the enameled pans(staub or LC) for dosa(crepe) and chapathi(tortilla) bcoz of the stickiness.

                          Now I have narrowed down and thinking between mineral B crepe pan and lodge round griddle.

                          Does it require different pans for chapathi and dosa?(just the same question again bcoz of the stickiness of dosa after chapathi on the same pan)
                          If no, then which one is best, either mineral B or lodge griddle?
                          If yes, then is it better to buy two mineral B's or two lodge griddle's or one mineral B and one lodge griddle?

                          What is the best method for first cleaning and gas top seasoning method for those?


                          1. re: Sri5227

                            Hi Sri,
                            sorry, it took me while to reply you, as I was having difficulty with dosas sticking to my mineral crepe pan. But after a week of use, dosas are coming out perfectly. I am using the same pan for chapathi also, made naan too. The one trick is you have to grease the pan in between while doing chapathis. Then the seasoning dont get burnt unlike dry roasting chapathis. I have also noticed that dosas taste better with these pans than nonstick crepe pans. I was about to return this pan, as dosas stuck so badly. But I am not now.

                            1. re: 2babymom

                              <The one trick is you have to grease the pan in between while doing chapathis. >

                              Oh yeah, you have to oil the pan. These carbon steel pans are fairly nonstick. However, you will have to use some oil. Not much, but they still require oil. Good to hear that the pans have worked out for you.

                              I can totally tell that you used use Teflon nonstick pans because only Teflon nonstick pans can remain nonstick with absolutely no oil.

                              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                < I can totally tell that you used use Teflon nonstick pans>
                                Yup. I am used to use nonstick pans only in US for three four years. But back in India we used only cast iron griddle for dosas and tawas for chapathis. So I was missing that taste in my nonstick pans..

                                1. re: 2babymom

                                  Oh, so you have had cast iron griddles. These should be small hurdles for you then. :)

                                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                    Nothing like that.. :) My mom seasoned that griddle and gave it to me after my marriage.. :) So I never had sticking problem and absolutely have no experience with seasoning.

          2. I think they can all work. However, either a Lodge cast iron or a DeBuyer carbon steel will be closest to a nonstick pan which will make your task easier.

            Between the two I would suggest DeBuyer, not because carbon steel is better than cast iron -- they are really about the same. However, it is better to use a pan with a lower side to make dosa. It is just easier, I think.

            I would consider possibly getting a crepe pan. A crepe pan has a very shallow side.



            The drawback is that the crepe pan is really designed specifically for these lighter tasks. It is thinner and it is not as versatile as a normal fry pan.

            Edited: Just realized that 2babymom made an excellent point about the crepe pan.

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            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              Thanq CK for the suggestion.
              I read in other threads that de buyer mineral B pans are made from recycled materials and there is some difference in thickness btw de buyer blue steel, mineral B and carbon steel.

              Are there are any other differences btw those 3 and which one do you suggest for crepes in those and why?

              1. re: Sri5227

                Right. The Force Blue is thinner than Mineral and Carbone Plus, but it is sufficient for light work. Because you are using it for making crepe, dosa, I think any of them will work. Force Blue is a bit easier to use because the metal has already been passivated.

                If you want something thicker to be on the safer side, then Carbone Plus, Mineral, Mineral B will do. They are the same thickness. Again, any of them will work.

                1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                  Omg lot of varieties in de buyer.

                  I am not aware of mineral separately from mineral B?
                  Just a wild guess.....Is it just the beewax coating different in those 2 variations?

                  If not, wat is the difference in those 2?

                  1. re: Sri5227

                    Well, there is a Mineral line and Mineral B line, and they are nearly identical. At least there were two of them. Maybe they have combined them now. One major difference is that the Mineral B has Beewax for coating -- e.g. the B. Both lines may eventually slowly phase out Carbone Plus. The three are very similar.

                    The biggest differences are these following lines:

                    La Lyonnaise
                    Force Blue
                    Carbone Plue/Mineral/Mineral B.

            2. I can't say anything about the de Buyer crepe pans, because I don't have any, but I do have a couple of other de Buyer CS pans. I like them a lot, and for delicate things like crepes, or if you would prefer to use techniques like tossing the crepe to flip it, I would probably give them the edge over the heavier and rougher cast iron.

              I do have the Lodge round 10.5" griddle though, and I like it a lot too! I've only ever used it to make pancakes however. It excels at that particular job, and although I don't think crepes would stick at all, it is far too heavy to toss so you would have to flip using a spatula (I have no idea how or even if you need to flip dosa and chapathi, I'm just talking about crepes).

              I have noticed that using metal turners in my de Buyers scratches the seasoning very easily, so I'm tempted to stick to wood/plastic in those pans. No such problem in my Lodge.

              Based on my experience with enamelled dutch ovens, I would not choose that type of cookware for crepes as I feel it would stick (feel free to prove me wrong, since I have not used my cocottes to cook crepes).

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              1. re: Sirrith

                Thank Sirrith.

                I am thinking to have debuyer for crepes(dosa) and lodge griddle for chapati

                But the de buyer variations are making me go round n round and still not reached the conclusion.

              2. Hi, Sri:

                I would go with deBuyer, but it would be the Carbone Plus line. I would get either the crepe pan http://www.debuyer.com/product.php?id... or the griddle http://www.debuyer.com/product.php?id... Note that the former is 2.5mm thick; the latter 4mm.

                The blini pans might also be good for chapathi.


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                1. re: kaleokahu


                  Till now I am in the notion that the diff btw carbon plus, blue steel and mineral B is thickness and use of recycled materials in mineral B.

                  But just now I came to know that mineral B and carbon plus have same thickness of 2.5mm. Are there are any other difference than the thichness and recycled materials btw these?

                  Can you also please let me know why do you prefer carbon plus rather than mineral B crepe pan?

                  1. re: Sri5227

                    Hi, Sri:

                    These different lines have a range of different thicknesses. Generally, the Carbon Plus runs thicker, yet in this case, the Carbone Plus crepe is the same thickness as the mineral B.

                    IMO, the greater wall height of the Carbone Plus would make it more resistant to warpage.


                    1. re: kaleokahu

                      Kaleo, Please dont mind if this looks like a silly ques.
                      I really dont know what is greater wall height. can you please tell me?

                      1. re: Sri5227

                        Hi, Sri:

                        Not a silly question. I believe the Carbone Plus's walls are a bit taller and more vertical than the Mineral B's. Compare http://www.debuyer.com/product.php?id... with http://www.debuyer.com/product.php?id...

                        Note that they call the former a "pancake pan" and the latter a "crepe pan". Note also that they don't give the height for the crepe pan, but it *looks* lower to me.

                        I don't know if you use a French-style rake to do your dosas. If so, perhaps the Mineral crepe would be better for you.


                        1. re: kaleokahu

                          Thanks for explaining me Kaleo.

                          I dont need a wall to prepare dosa.
                          But having wall for a pan with good material is not a drawback for that pan to use for dosa.

                          1. re: Sri5227

                            Hi, Sri:

                            You are very polite and exceptionally welcome.


                            1. re: kaleokahu


                              I am looking for a new flatware and posted in this thread

                              I saw in one of your threads that you got the ascot by ricci flatware recently.

                              Can you please help me by sharing your views on it and any other information that should be considered to buy the flatware?


                              1. re: Sri5227

                                Hi, Sri:

                                I am very happy with the Ricci Ascot. It is heavy yet balanced, and I've come to really like the larger "Continental" size. The "thread" border is classy and understated. It has washed up beautifully, and (other than the knives) nests well.

                                I was lucky to find 8, 5-pc. place settings from several different sellers on Amazon for a fraction of the retail price. There is one seller on both Amazon and eBay who always has it, but at high prices. This particular seller also carries a huge selection of serving pieces in that pattern.

                                I regret scrimping and not buying it years ago.

                                Hope This Helps,

                          2. re: kaleokahu

                            Sri and Kaleo,

                            I've got the Force Blue crepe pan and the Carbone Plus pancake pan. The wall height is 3/4" (vertical measurement from kitchen counter to top of wall) on both.

                            Now if 2babymom will measure her Mineral pan? :)

                            1. re: DuffyH

                              Hi DuffyH, My mineral B pan's wall height is 1/2". :)