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Help in Bars Fashion for the Ladies in Manhattan

Hi there,
my sisters and I are visiting this October (we're about 30's) and need advise in fashion at the bar scene? Please help! Much appreciated!

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  1. Generally speaking new yorkers wear a lot of black (a cliche, but true). I see a lot of skinny jeans with heels and a flirty top, or a minidress and heels. Bright lipstick and dark manis are having a moment right now.
    Think bcbg, dvf, kind of contemporary fashion.
    I always take a small handbag i can keep close to me with just the essentials, on busy nights some places can be super crowded.

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      Good to know I can wear skinny jeans... I thought I'd be under dressed. Thanks for the tip.

    2. Agree with the last poster.Hard to go wrong with black in Manhattan- but avoid anything super blingy or skin tight (i.e.
      Real Housewives of New Jersey)

      1. Wear whatever makes you feel attractive and comfortable. There's a place for everything here. We've seen it all (or at least, we like to think we have), so you may as well just be yourself.

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          And we'll all make fun of you behind your back if we don't like it.

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            Well, sure, but that's not unique to Manhattan. No matter what you cover yourself with, someone somewhere is going to think you look weird.

          2. Nothing blingy or too short unless you're in Meatpacking. Even then... ew.

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              No No, ok no blingy , but the shorter the better :) <cough>

            2. Why blend in if you are visiting? Wear something you find fashionable and tasteful and you'll be fine. This is New York where anything goes!

              1. Thanks so much for all your replies! If you guys have any recommendations on bars to hit...those are welcome too :-) Thanks again!

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                  I suggest you make a new post and be specific, like "downtown cocktail bars" or "best people watching with wine" kind of thing. Nyc has 100s (1000s?) of bars and such.
                  Expect most cocktails to be $13+, wine $12+, and happy hours from 5-7ish.

                  1. Most gals don't dress like Kerry Bradshaw btw.

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                      Also that show ended ten years ago!

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                        Now we all dress like Hannah Horvath.

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                          God forbid. (Though I had the same thought.)

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                            I had to look up who that is. lol

                      2. A friend insists that brand new shoes will instantly expose you as an out-of-towner. (Because we wear shoes out so quickly in NYC.) Wear what you're comfortable in and what you think looks great. On the weekend my neighborhood fills up with people in their "going to New York" outfits, but I swear the restaurants and bars treat you better if they spot a local. But don't worry too much, you can get away with anything here.

                        1. There's no standard dress code at NY bars. The clubby meat market type places are going to be filled with some overdressed suburban types in spike heels and tight Kardashian clothes. There are bars that draw a Vegas/Florida type look, but that's a specific scene that turns off a lot, if not most New Yorkers. The cocktail bars will be filled with eclectic looks, some plain, some fashionable. If you walk in somewhere and it's not your crowd or you feel over or under dressed, just leave. We've all done it at some point. It's not uncommon to see very natural, and casually dressed people at a lot of popular bars.

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                            "It's not uncommon to see very natural, and casually dressed people at a lot of popular bars."

                            This is the most sensible thing said in this whole thread.