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Sep 8, 2013 01:37 PM

Interesting Virgin Cocktails

Hi all. I'm getting married in Vegas in October and am trying to find a place for a gals' night out the night before the wedding. I'm also pregnant and am abstaining from alcohol during my pregnancy.

I'm normally more of a wine person, but I obviously can't drink wine during my pregnancy, so I'm looking for somewhere I should be able to get interesting virgin cocktails. Since I stopped drinking I've been to restaurants where they made me a virgin version of a cocktail on their cocktail menu (one was a fizzy drink with honey and lime that was supposed to have tequila in it, another was a virgin mojito) and other places just mix a bunch of juices together, which I classify as boring.

Does anyone have thoughts on places where I should be able to order interesting virgin cocktails? I usually explain to my server or bartender that I'm not drinking alcohol and ask if they can make me something interesting without alcohol; the results have been mixed, as I mentioned above. I'm looking for a low key place (probably a lounge-ish place) where I'm not going to have to get too dressed up. I'm staying at Mandalay Bay, so somewhere at that end of the Strip would be ideal but not necessary.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You stumped me, but I asked a local who I thought might know:

    "Culinary Dropout at the Hard Rock Hotel has great mocktails and great bites, actually."

    1. Since you're staying at Mandalay Bay you may want to investigate Rx Boiler Room, the latest incarnation of Rick Moonen's formal upstairs restaurant. It's a lot more casual and hip than before, and they seem to take their cocktails very seriously. Not sure about the availability of virgin cocktails, but it's probably worth a phone call.

      1. We like Firefly and they make a great virgin mojito, in different flavors - passion fruit, etc.

        1. Thank you all! Those all sound like good suggestions, but I'm particularly intrigued by Rx Boiler Room since it's in my hotel. I'll probably contact them to get more information.

          If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to know them!

          Thanks again!