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Sep 8, 2013 12:31 PM

Nemea Taverna & Ioannian Grill - Closed!?!?

What's going on with all these Greek restaurants closing? It started with Mykonos in Dobbs ferry a while back and then Mythos in Thornwood and now Nemea Taverna in my hometown of Mamaroneck and Ioannian grill in New Rochelle have both closed recently within the last two weeks!

The only places that are left is Nikos in White Plains which is decent, MP Taverna which I use for a special occasion and then my go to place Elia Taverna in Bronxville which is always busy when I go. I heard there is a new place in Mt. Kisco "Taverna Pandesia" which I have not been to as I am not in that area often.

I can understand Nemea closing as it was not as good as when they first opened and when the two brothers (son's of Nikos Taverna) left after a few months it all went down hill.

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  1. According to Ohio State U, 57% of restaurants fail in their first three years of existence.

    I have no idea what other types of restaurants have failed in Westchester and at what rate in the last few years. Maybe you are particularly sensitive to these Greek restos' closings because it's a cuisine of particular interest to you.

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      It's true I am sensitive to Greek restaurants because I am Greek and I love my Greek culture, It just surprises me that these restaurants closed when the same type of restaurant thrive in other areas such as Queens and New Jersey.

      FYI I do enjoy other cuisines as well and some of my favorites are Cookery, Sushi Mikes, Johnny's Pizza

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        Yasu, Agapimou!

        I never meant to imply you don't enjoy other cuisines.I share your love of Greek food, and I certainly respect and understand your pride in your amazing heritage.

        I'm glad you understood my point about being sensitive to the closing of Greek (versus other) restaurants because of personal resonance. I believe there's a psychological or marketing term for this, but I'm way too lazy to look it up!

        You mentioned Astoria. Obviously Astoria has long been known for its concentration of Greek and Greek/American folks. Even though the number of Greek/Greek Americans living in Astoria has declined over time, Astoria still benefits from its historical identification as THE NY destination for Hellenic cuisine, drawing tourists as well as locals to support the restaurants and markets (Titan!).

        About New Jersey, I got nothin'! Is there a substantial Greek population thereabouts? Are there any Chowish Greek restaurants (vegetarian dishes a requirement for me) you'd care to share?


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          There are plenty of nice Greek restaurants in NJ, if you Google it a whole bunch will pop up.

          Most good Greek restaurants should have vegetarian dishes like, Spanikopita (phyllo dough and feta pies), Imam Baldi (baked eggplant), Dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves), Gemista (stuffed tomato & peppers) and other fabulous vegetarian dishes. The items I mentioned are staples in "Taverna" style restaurants and most create unique Greek inspired vegetarian dishes on top of the regular menu.

          FYI - This weekend is the huge Greek festival and Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church on Mill Rd in New Rochelle. I'll be there this weekend, especially for the "loukamades" the Greek style zeppolies with honey and cinnamon!


    2. I think MP's prices are really reasonable, especially given the quality of their food. I like eating at the bar for a quicker more casual meal.

      Santorini in Sleepy Hollow is still there. I like MP better but Santorini is a good standby.

      1. We are still awaiting the opening of Petra on Garth Rd.
        in Scarsdale. It has been under construction for several months. And speaking of Garth Rd., Tengda Grill closed several weeks ago.

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        1. re: Maryld

          No way!! Didn't that Tegnda practically just open???

          1. re: MRS

            Yes, I think about a year ago. The interior was really lovely and serene, but it was competing with 2 Chinese take out places and the South East Asia restaurant across the street. It's too bad-- there were two dishes on the menu that we really loved. They also did a mean Mai Tai--a great silly drink.

        2. "I can understand Nemea closing as it was not as good as when they first opened and when the two brothers (son's of Nikos Taverna) left after a few months it all went down hill."

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              if the quality goes "down hill" and customers aren't coming... then what's the question?
              any restaurant serving any cuisine, no less a totally misunderstood one, if known at all, will suffer if the quality goes "down hill". quality in ingredients and quality of preparation (the usual culprit in my experience).

              you state, "when the two brothers (son's of Nikos Taverna) left after a few months it all went down hill."

              if they, and I don't know if they did, leave the dishwashers to run the kitchen... then the place will "go down hill" and close.