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Sep 8, 2013 12:29 PM

Roasted Green Chilies

A first in Bloomington, IN. Yesterday my husband went to the grocery store and e-mailed me that the store had cases and cases of green chilies from New Mexico and they were roasting them and selling them. Did I want any? Well of course. He bought 4 lbs, I wish we had the freezer space for 20 lbs.

I make green chili cheeseburgers, enchiladas, posole, white chili, chili con queso, etc, What are some of your favorite recipes for New Mexican green chilies?

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  1. Sounds like they're Hatch chillies, which often are marked either mild, medium or hot--which did you get? While they have a cult-like following, some of the mild I've bought weren't a whole lot better than canned green chilies (sacrilege is what Hatch fans will call that).

    Medium & hot can be used in so many New Mexican preps. One of my favorite books for the same is an oldie, "The Feast of Santa Fe." I'll check also, cause I think there have been previous CH threads, too.

    1. l love hatch chiles (having lived in Colorado for 22 years). I once was at a mexican restaurant south of Colorado Springs on my way to Cuchara and I had their rellenos. BUT - very different from the norm. Instead of being deep friend - they were made this way - it was like an inside out relleno omlette. Basically - make a nice omlette with a little grated cheese and put a nice big seeded hatch chile in the middle, finish the omlette and top with whatever you like (more grated cheese (white or yellow) and green chile) or red salsa. Yum!

      1. Thank you both. I am from Az. and am quite familiar with Hatch chilies. @ Blythe That inside out relleno sounds good. Tonight we are having the cheeseburgers and I am planning a steak with green chili enchiladas mid-week.

        The chili con queso I make is like making pimento cheese but subbing the green chili for the pimentos. I think my grandmother came up with that. It is a family favorite. Good as a dip or as a sandwich filling.

        1. I'm from Colorado and have been living in Texas for 25 years. I still desperately miss chili verde - the New Mexican green chili (with pork, never chicken or tomatillos as one will find in Texas). Great cold weather food...

          Also, 'gringo' chile rellenos - I dislike the soft, eggy, battered ones, love these crispy ones and it's super easy: slit a roasted, peeled hatch chile, remove seeds, insert a strip of cheese like queso blanco, monterey jack, etc., wrap in an egg roll wrapper (yes!) and deep fry til golden brown. These are really yummy smothered with chili verde.

          1. Dear Candy,

            Thanks for the salt in my wounds. Would you like me to hold still while you go find some lemon juice too???

            <mumbles under his breath and walks away, crying quietly>

            I'm STILL looking for someone to start roasting here in NE!

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              Living here in New Mexico near Santa Fe, chile season creeps into our consciousness thru the smoky fragrance in the air when every little bodega, vegetable stand and Albertson's has a chile roasting station. I buy a gunny sack every year of extra hot and we put it in everything--not just Mexican or New Mexican food. Omelettes, soups, green chile stew (or chicken soup), Asian food, cheese soufflé . . . anything you want a little smoky kick to. I used my last bag of green chile just as chile season started, so a gunny sack is just right for us.

              1. re: e_bone

                So sorry, I had a cousin in San Antonio who used to send them to me, raw, to roast my own. There is someone at our local Farmer's Mkt. roasting, but they are Indiana chilies i.e. Anaheim's. So glad to get the real things!

                1. re: Candy

                  So.. I had a happy ending to my sadness. Your post inspired me to dig a bit more here locally (I'm a Denver transplant and chile season is a big deal there).


                  So you helped me afterall Candy! My first batch of green chile will be in your honor.