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Sep 8, 2013 12:26 PM

One Week in Devon - Restaurants, Farm Shops, and Cideries

Spending a week in Devon in mid-September. Home base is Chagford. Planning trips to Exeter, Plymouth, Totnes and surrounding area. Would like recommendations for lunch/dinner as well as ideas for where to buy local meats, cheese, and cider. Price is not a consideration.

Booked so far:
Riverford Field Kitchen for lunch

Planning on going to:
Plymouth - River Cottage Canteen for lunch or dinner
Plymouth - Plymouth Art Centre for lunch or dinner

Other ideas/suggestions?

Much thanks. SS

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  1. Gidleigh Park is right there in Chagford. If price is no consideration then I'd certainly have a dinner there. I was there before Michael Caines arrived but know it's probably even more of a destination now.

    1. Devon is a great county with loads to see and do, I hope you have a lovely time: have you found this website yet? It has some info which may be useful.

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        Thanks. Website does look useful.