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Sep 8, 2013 11:34 AM

Lots of poached salmon - what to do?

My daughter's annual BBQ is over and there is an equivalent of a whole poached salmon left over. Freezing it plain in hope that someone will defrost and make something out of it will not lead to a delicious outcome:)

I am at a loss for ideas on how to transform it to froze for later. We'll eat some now and I am thinking salmon cakes or a noodle casserole. Not sure if casserole will work as it has to be made with GF noodles.

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  1. Would rice work in place of noodles for the casserole? (Sorry, I don't know much about permissible foods for GF.) My mom used to make a salmon/rice casserole that was pretty good.

    Freezing chunks of the salmon in sauce (lemon, mustard or mushroom sauce, for example) seems like a good way to go.

    If you're up to using some of the salmon right away, you can make it into a salad with GF mayo, minced onion or scallions, celery and a bit of chopped carrot.

    1. Kedgeree is a casserole of flaked cooked fish, cooked rice, hard boiled eggs, and milk or cream, sometimes curry powder. Bake covered until hot. This dish is not a favorite of mine. Not sure about freezing,

      1. You could do a variation of salade nicoise, substituting the salmon for the tuna. Should be fine for someone who is GF since the only starch is potato. (For eating now, not freezing.)

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          Good idea !

          I had dinner one night at the Hotel Bellvue, Mennaggio, Lago Di Como, and the main course was baked Salmon.

          The next afternoon, the luncheon menu out overlooking the lake offered a salade niçoise using salmon. Nice moist, thick chunky pieces of salmon, with capers, tomato, Niçoise olives, anchovy, egg, in a light vinaigrette, served on a bed oof mixed greens.

          Memorable !.

        2. Thank you! Great ideas; I particularly like freezing portions of salmon in a sauce. Kedgeree sounds rather interesting - why is not a favourite, Mwhitmore? I'll look up some recipes and if it freezes well will try it. Which reminds me that I should check Food in Jars site for ideas.

          I have a few ladies over for lunch and was thinking about nicoise but it will be a few days by then and I think that salmon cake will be safer.

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            Herby, the one dish I made from previous COTM Big Small Plates was for salmon cakes with a piquillo sauce and a corn mushroom sauce, and the cakes are made with cooked salmon and I think they'd freeze well. It's a bit fiddly, like a lot of that book seems to be, but good. This is my report:

            1. re: Caitlin McGrath

              I remember your report, Caitlin :) I actually made these cakes loosely following the recipe and did not make sauce and therefor did not report. Now these cakes would be lovely for my Tuesday lunch and there are only six women - no way we'll make a substantial dent in the quantity. I just looked at the leftovers and they are all mushed up kind of; nevermind that I asked to please place in pieces on a flat surface and chill! Help, god love them :)

              Do you think I need to make both sauces for lunch? I'll check the book (have it with me as I was making her lamb chops) for her serving suggestions but she probably doesn't have any - these are small plates. I am thinking something cold pasta - orzo maybe.

              1. re: herby

                The two sauces and the cakes came together well, and the corn and mushroom sauce is more like a sauté, so it makes the whole thing a bit more substantial. And if fresh corn is still available to you, it really is a good use. On the other hand, you could easily make the piquillo sauce ahead and freeze that, too. I served this as a main dish, and just did some more vegetables of some kind on the side. The cakes would also be good with something like tzatziki or another seasoned yogurt sauce.

            2. re: herby

              Give most of it away soon. Poached salmon does not freeze well unless you have a vacuum preserving unit. I had the same problem, it did not freeze well.

              1. re: PHREDDY

                I actually do have the unit. Have not used it in a long time and not sure it works. Thank you for reminding me! Goes on my tomorrow's "to do" list.

                I have no one to give it away unfortunately.

            3. Salmon hash. Potatoes, green onion, garlic and thyme. Top with a poached egg.