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Sep 8, 2013 10:26 AM

yer favorite San Luis City/County dining spots?

Reading Michele's thread on Culver City, I got depressed.

Maybe it's just that I gave up on SLO since the corporate burger and sammie chains moved into downtown.

It may be time for an update, as I live south of SLO, it'd take too much time to investigate for myself.

How about your favorite dishes around the county? Northern SB county as well. Please chime in!

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  1. Firestone Walker Brewery in BUELLTON is a surprisingly sophisticated venue, with a good take on American classics.

    You know me: Mo's for Philty Phils ribs with all the fixings in PISMO BEACH - never disappoints.

    Luna Red was a pleasant brunch outdoors with charming bucolic riverside walks close by in downtown SLO.

    We were happy with the new locale of the Far Western Tavern in ORCUTT

    Bring back La Simpatia in GUADALUPE, which is the only missing link to our own back yard day tripping dining adventures.

    Having done our second Vintage Railway Car turnaround trip to SLO from Santa Barbara, we like what we are seeing around Railway Plaza in SLO - not enough time to explore in depth when we take that train ride but nice variety of choices in a small area there.

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      No progress on the La Simp building at all.

      BUT--I have a tip for you, though it's not a sitdown café, the deli inside Nipomo's La Placita Mkt at Division and Orchard makes THE best huge fresh roasted & stuffed (with a huge chunk of queso fresca) pasilla rellenos. Light ethereal tomato sauce w/o a trace of canned broth or flour. Not heavy or greasy in the least. OH! it was divine. $4 and worth every penny.

      Seating is just a long kitchen table with plastic plates and implements. Good food catered in by Santa Maria's La Mia Market 's commissary.

      And, Chef Rick is back in business for M-F lunch, and catering, at the location of The Tamale Shop, on Blosser just north of Bettravia. Hang a "U" around the center divider going north on Blosser, turn into the first driveway (tin building complex) and bear right. First shop on the front corner, with French doors. You can leave your email at chef rick's website and he'll email you a daily menu. Tamale Shop is still open for lunch but does mostly bulk order takeout so they sell out early.

      1. re: toodie jane

        Thanks for the La Placita Nipomo chile relleno tip - directions from 101? Thanks.

        1. re: glbtrtr

          Tefft off ramp, turn left past Von's and go all the way down to Orchard, which is by the park and the library.
          Turn left again and it is on the corner of Orchard and Division.
          It is behind the gas station.

    2. I loved the food at SLOCo Pasty Co and can't wait to return when I don't need to drive off right away. Would like to have a pint and the full pub experience.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Try Sal's next door too--their breakfast breads from Back Porch Bakery would please you, I think ;-). Also available just across the freeway at Lincoln Mkt at Broad and Lincoln St.

          1. re: toodie jane

            I did poke my head into Sal's on my return to SloCo Pasty Co. No breakfast stuff from Back Porch at 11am on Thursday, don't know if it was sold out or not offered any more. If I'd been on the home stretch, I would have picked up some focaccia to go.

        1. For SLO, we usually take people from out of town to NOVO for either lunch or Sunday brunch. No particular dish, it’s just so darn pleasant sitting on the back patio overlooking the creek that runs through town. I also like to go to Old San Luis BBQ for a tri tip sandwich. I like going to Buona Tavola for either Fettuccine al sugo di carni miste or Agnolotti di scampi allo zafferano.

          In Morro Bay, we like going to the Bay Side Café. This is just South of town behind the Natural History Museum. Great burgers, that you can’t go wrong with. For fish and chips in Morro, I like ordering the calamari at Sean’s on Maine. For good OD on fresh Fish, I like Taco Temple. North side of town neat Spenser’s Market. Good sized portions of fresh sea food, well prepared. Cash only so be aware before you go. For casual, try Windows on the Water for Oyster Tuesday. $.75 oysters at the bar, fresh, baked or shooters. You can get something from the wood fired oven or a salad to round out a nice meal.

          In Pismo Beach, I like Giuseppe's. Good Sicilian food. The wood fired pizzas are great, as anything on the specials board.

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            I was in Morro Bay last week and Taco Temple is as good as I remembered!

          2. Linking up my report on Bello Mundo Cafe in downtown San Luis Obispo, the place to go for 3rd wave coffee without the attitude. It has a variety of house-baked pastries, and also carries Back Porch croissants.