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Where to buy pork back fat?

I got my husband a Kitchenaid meat grinder and Aidell's sausage book for his birthday, and many of the recipes he wants to try include pork back fat. Is that something you need to special order from the meat counter or is it something that butchers typically have after trimming pork? Any tips, helpful hints, etc. would be appreciated. The markets in Marin that we frequent include Whole Foods, Mollie Stone's, and Paradise. Thanks!

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  1. At most butchers you need to special-order it and in my experience some don't know what it is. Belcampo and Marin Sun Farms are probably good bets.

    1. 4505 at least used to always have some when they were at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market. I'm not sure I've seen it recently in their display case in the Mission, though.

      1. I'll bet Fatted Calf would have it.

        1. Try calling the butcher at Cal Mart in Laurel village. They have always been very accommodative about special orders.


          1. We were in Healdsburg yesterday and asked the butcher at our favorite market, Big John's, if he carried pork back fat. Not only did he have the fat and sausage casings, he said that he is an old friend of Bruce Aidells, so that was a good omen.
            We're going to make our first batch of American-type breakfast patties today, so think good thoughts for us!

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              Glad you found some! Aidells and Oakes live in Healdsburg.

            2. Wow - we made the spicy fresh pork sausage from the Aidell's cookbook today. Had it tonight in patty form with eggs. Super easy, super good. If you like bulk sausage a lot, I would suggest investing in a meat grinder and the cookbook. Very clean fresh flavors and not expensive at all. It didn't even take that long to do. We're freezing the rest in 1/4 pound portions for future meals. Next up - chicken apple sausage, and mild Italian. Really fun and rewarding.

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                A real meat grinder is a good investment if you make sausage regularly. Also a real sausage stuffer, such as the Universal 900 (around $40).

                The grinder-stuffer attachment for KitchenAid stand mixers does not work well at all.

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                  >>"The grinder-stuffer attachment for KitchenAid stand mixers does not work well at all."

                  Couldn't disagree more. That is what I use after chucking my dedicated Warring Pro meat grinder in the trash and it works great. America's Test Kitchen's review was spot on:


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                    Hmm. Maybe KitchenAid makes more than one meat-grinder attachment, or how well it works depends on how strong your mixer is? Ours was a joke.

                    That link doesn't work.

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                      Sorry about the link. Perhaps you need to be registered at the site?

                      Product Name: KitchenAid Food Grinder Attachment

                      Recommendation Status: Highly Recommended

                      Testers’ Comments:
                      The go-to choice for anyone who already owns a KitchenAid stand mixer, this accessory rivaled the brawnier Waring Pro (even when harnessed to some of the oldest KitchenAid mixers in the test kitchen), and was the only model with (mostly) dishwasher-safe parts. The only downsides: It has just two grinding plates, coarse and medium (no fine), and a plastic hopper and auger (we’d prefer all-metal).

                      The Warring Pro they are referring to is the "Waring Pro Professional Meat Grinder" listed at $299. The model I owned listed for about half that price.

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                        Maybe our KitchenAid attachment is defective.

                        We use a Moulinex 252.

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                          When doing my research for the KitchenAis attachment I did come across a couple of complaints that the cutting blade wasn't lining up flush with grinding plates. Sounds like they may have switched manufacturers at some point but ended up correcting the problem.

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                      My KitchenAid grinder has been working great for over 30 years.

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                        I have replaced the blade twice.

                  2. This is the one I bought: the Kitchenaid FGA


                    Worked great yesterday for a recipe using 4 lbs. of meat/fat. If we decide to stick with this, we may look into something bigger. Haven't worked up to thinking about a stuffing thingie.

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                      KitchenAid also makes the stuffing tube attachments which are sold separately.