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Sep 8, 2013 10:07 AM

Where to buy pork back fat?

I got my husband a Kitchenaid meat grinder and Aidell's sausage book for his birthday, and many of the recipes he wants to try include pork back fat. Is that something you need to special order from the meat counter or is it something that butchers typically have after trimming pork? Any tips, helpful hints, etc. would be appreciated. The markets in Marin that we frequent include Whole Foods, Mollie Stone's, and Paradise. Thanks!

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  1. At most butchers you need to special-order it and in my experience some don't know what it is. Belcampo and Marin Sun Farms are probably good bets.

    1. 4505 at least used to always have some when they were at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market. I'm not sure I've seen it recently in their display case in the Mission, though.

      1. I'll bet Fatted Calf would have it.

        1. Try calling the butcher at Cal Mart in Laurel village. They have always been very accommodative about special orders.

          1. We were in Healdsburg yesterday and asked the butcher at our favorite market, Big John's, if he carried pork back fat. Not only did he have the fat and sausage casings, he said that he is an old friend of Bruce Aidells, so that was a good omen.
            We're going to make our first batch of American-type breakfast patties today, so think good thoughts for us!

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              Glad you found some! Aidells and Oakes live in Healdsburg.