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Sep 8, 2013 09:51 AM

3rd wave coffee near ossington and dundas?


I just moved to your fair city and I am looking for a great coffee shop near my home. I've tried Ideal Coffee and the Arrow, both of which have coffee to match their ambiance - which is not good. Could you also recommend a coffee shop near the U of T campus? I am interested in places that take coffee seriously (e.g., ensuring that the coffee is not grainy or burnt, monitoring water temperature and pressure etc).

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  1. I am a coffee connaisseur and even have my own home drum roaster. When I am out and I want a coffee the only place I go to is Crema Coffee (

    There are 3 locations. The closest to you is at 3079 Dundas St W, east of Keele. I don't know of any other coffee place that goes to the degree of detail and care that Crema Coffee does. He uses the best grinders, espresso machines and ingredients. He has the grinder blades sharpened every 3 months, he uses the best beans, he even filters the water many different ways and then remixes it, he trains his staff personally and so on. Who else does this kind of stuff? I have NEVER tasted better coffee than his and the care and perfection he puts into his cup really shows. His prices are very reasonable (certainly not more than Starbucks) and also there's a loyalty card so if you buy 10 you get the 11th one free. I usually get the cappucino or latte. Have one of his and you'll never want to go anywhere else.

    Check out his website and read some fo the comments in the 'Coffee Talk' link. But, here's just a sample of part of one of his blog entries from Jan 13, 2011:

    'At Crema, owner Geoff Polci installed a water filtering system that enables him to manually control the quality of the water that goes into every cup, glass and ice cube in the place. First, the sediments are filtered out, and then the water is run through a carbon filter to remove the chlorine, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, herbicides and mercury. The water is then split into two streams, one of which is stripped of all its mineral content through reverse osmosis, the other being kept in its original purified state. These two streams can then be mixed according to settings Polci sets to determine the exact mineral content, or hardness, of the water.

    “There’s an ideal hardness for extracting coffee,” he says. “It’s between 30 and 50 mineral parts per million. Toronto tap water is around 120-200 parts per million.” When the water’s harder, you need more coffee to make up for the lower relative solubility of the water.'

    I mean, who does this??? The guy is a coffee God as far as I am concerned.

    Btw, I had a cappucino at a place called Krepesz, which is a Hungarian Creperie at 253 Augusta in Kensington Market, Toronto, and it was si good I was amazed. When I asked about their coffee what I found out was Crema Coffee trained them and they use the same beans and machines.

    If you try Crema, please report back.

    1. I second the recommendation for crema, one of my favorite places.

      Closer to you is Lit on college near ossington. I think their product is comparable to crema, though I couldn't tell you much about their water filtration etc :)

      On ossington not too far from
      Dundas is crafted coffee. I haven't been, but I believe it's the sister shop to te aro, which also makes a fine cup.

      Manic coffee on college near Bathurst is great too... I believe they use intelligentsia beans.

      1. thanks guys! can;t wait to try

        1. I believe there is a Crema at 53 Bloor St. E (east of Yonge) which is slightly closer to U of T.

          Also near U of T is Strada 241 & Dark Horse on Spadina

          1. You aren't that far from the common. It's super hipster but sometimes it was worth it to me for one of their americanos. Hmmmm. It's at college and Gladstone.

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              really unsure what makes it 'super hipster' and how that makes it only sometimes worth it, but the common is a pretty good shop with good-not-great (i mean, i think it's great, but it's not on the same level as intelligentsia or revolver or something) coffee. there's another location on bloor just west of dovercourt as well

              1. re: disgusti

                The wait times can be brutal, which is what I meant by the sometimes. Not a great place if you're in a rush. The super hipster comment was I got treated fairly rudely there by customers, when I went in before they knew me. A lot of the customers (not the owners,) seem to view it as their own personal space, which I find very sub-culturish.

                  1. re: catroast

                    Just general snottiness. It's not bad during non peak hours though and the owners always did their best to rectify it, which is why I continue to go back and not name specifics. I just try to avoid it during mid afternoon when the laptop crew is there. :)

                    1. re: LexiFirefly

                      but in what way were you treated rudely? general snottiness is ambiguous

                      1. re: catroast

                        As I said I really like the owners and they fixed it. So it's a moot point. They pull a good cup of Joe so check it out!