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Sep 8, 2013 08:52 AM

Guy Savoy [Paris Part 3]

The last meal of our eight days in Paris and we end on a really high note.

Guy Savoy (€1,036 for four including four bottles of wine and four glasses of champagne to start) is mentioned on the board but after our meal here it really doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves.

I often see questions about how it works so here goes: they do a €110 internet special lunch which can be booked up to 3 months in advance (I am not certain if this is only one table per day but as it’s a small restaurant it may be limited).

The menu lists numerous dishes under starters, fish, meat, and dessert courses and for the set meal you choose one starter, one meat or fish and then dessert. However, they will also put a menu together to show off the skills of the kitchen which consisted of two entrees, a meat or fish dish and then two desserts – we went for this option and added a cheese course. Literally they will listen to your likes and dislikes and pick and choose from the extensive list of dishes on the menu to custom build the set meal.

Ours starts with champagne paired with little foie gars toasts, then an amuse bouche of broccoli soup accompanied by a small crouton of goats cheese and ham. The first true main course is a spider crab with lemon sabayon, and half way through they come around with some fresh sabayon. Next their famous artichoke and asparagus soup and warm truffle brioche smeared with truffle butter, which is wonderful (especially the second broche that arrives as soon as you finis h the first). On to mains where we mix and match with two of us choosing their classic Bresse chicken with girolles and two of us the beef combination of melting slow cooked beef and seared wagyu – again half way through the waiter arrives and tops up the dish with more meat.

The chariot du fromage (€32 a head) is as good as you would expect with a vast range of cheese in perfect condition. Dessert starts with a melange of strawberry concoctions, then follow with choices from a selection of mini desserts – rich chocolate mousse, rice pudding, a choice from a chariot of ice creams etc etc. All in all a fitting end to a superb meal.

The sommelier chose some great wines for us including a Saint Peray (€80); a Marsannay (€98); a Riesling (€98 - with the cheese) and to finish a Fleurie (€65 with dessert). We simply asked him for some good recommendations towards the bottom of the list and he obliged.

Guy Savoy is a real splurge restaurant, the food is refined and quite superb, the service is smooth and wonderfully professional – all in all a great way to spend four hours and round off our trip to Paris. Next the Pays Basque and Basque country in Spain.

Part 1 -

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  1. Phil: Thanks not only for your informative reports but for sticking to the guideline suggested by Mangeur that we include prices to give potential diners full information.

    1. Thanks for a report on a spot that has always delivered for me.
      When there for the $ 110 lunch in May, the extra cheese course was 39 Euros.

      1. Hi! Wondering how does this 110e internet lunch pit against Le Cinq lunch or Goust dinner in terms of value and quality?

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        1. re: grovina

          A couple of years since Le Cinq but IIRC I would say GS is better quality and broader choice. Not sure of LC price point but its not far off especially when you look at the totals for both. LC wins on the room though.

          Goust is slightly below both in terms of price and quality - but remember I had dinner at Goust and dinner at GS or LC will be many orders of magnitude more expensive.

          1. re: grovina

            Remember my dinner at Goust was @ 110 with a great wine pairing.
            The wine list at Le Cinc has far more 'bargain' bottles than at G Savoy. Atmosphere very different, princess at Le Cinq to nice room at G Savoy. To try to compare the guinea fowl at Savoy to the lamb shoulder at Le Cinq would be senseless as both were perfect. The lunch special at Le Cinq is now 95, l believe, and if l had to pick, would go for Le Cinq, but would rather go for both during a trip.

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              yes, my heart was pretty set on le cinq lunch too until i read phil's trip report and it sounds superb from beginning to end. however guy savoy does have a decent outpost in singapore which is accessible to us over in asia. But then again, i am not sure if it will be like 'the real thing'. so may still try to do both GS and LC in a matter of a week. That, on top of, trying to figure if i wanna do vivant cave vs le dauphin, abri vs pierre sang.

          2. Many thanks for a delightful report. I'm usually not a fan of the starry restaurants because of the cost and lack of Frenchness but I must admit that Guy Savoy undermines my perhaps irrational biases every time. The food is indeed fab but, for me, the waiters also add a bit of joy often lacking at these temples of gastronomy. (Don't know if the knowledge, wit and personality are all that obvious for Anglophones). And the little tidbits that they package up as a going-away present makes me feel like a kid at Christmas.

            1. Photos of meal...