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Sep 8, 2013 08:37 AM

where to eat for TIFF13

Almost all of my movies are at the Scotia bank this year, so looking for some good eats in the area.... Nothing generic but not insanely pricey either.

Staying at the king Edward this year too so any breaky option would be great too.
We heard Fran's was good.

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    1. "We heard Fran's was good."

      whoever told you this, stop being friends with them.

      1. There are a bunch of places along King nowadays that are decent if you go further west of Spadina. I like Forno Cultura on King for sandwiches/etc.

        Kho San Rd. is right behind the Lightbox area and very close to Scotiabank. Scotiabank to Banh Mi Boys, Burger Priest, White Squirel is a doable walk if you have a bit of a break.

        Luma is doing a $10 lunch box deal. A sandwich, a "dessert" or fruit and a drink. Tax in. I have had it twice and it is quite decent.