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Sep 8, 2013 08:26 AM

Since some people are doing "Where is the best"? Let's play where is the best Banh Mi?

in Dallas Metro area?

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  1. La Me in Richardson is generally recognized as serving the best Banh Mi in the Dallas area. And I would have to agree.

    I wouldn't bother with anything else to eat there as their Pho and other Vietnamese food can be bested elsewhere. Just stick to their wonderful Banh Mi sandwich.

    But go early. They usually run out of their great baguettes around lunchtime.

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    1. re: twinwillow

      the bun cha hanoi at La Me is also really good.

      1. re: twinwillow

        Twinwillow, I disagree. The bun cha hanoi like gavlist mentioned is delicious. You must not have tried that dish. I would love to know what place does it better than they do.

        1. re: jaime24g

          I must admit, I have not had La Me's bun cha Hanoi. I've only had their Banh Mi and Beef Pho. I was speaking in generalities by basing my comments from others whose opinions I trust.

          However, I will try La Me's bun cha Hanoi on my next visit for sure.

          1. re: jaime24g

            I have tried it at every place that has it on their menu. All of them terrible when compared to the Bun Cha Ha Noi at La Me.

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              Have you had it at Mot Hai Ba? I went for the first time last weekend for lunch and had Bun Cha Hanoi (though they called it something else) and I thought it was solid. I don't order Bun Cha Hanoi often though so I'm not the best person to compare.

                1. re: demigodh

                  We have been to Mot Hai Ba. My SO and I ordered a number of dishes a few weeks back to give the restaurant an attempt to distinguish their style of cooking. I will have to admit, that is probably one of my least favorite Vietnamese restaurants in the area. The style of cooking is not true Vietnamese. It is American with a Vietnamese influence. There has been a lot of press and a lot of hype regarding this place including some frequent posters on this site but it "ain't no thing". The night we had dinner there were about 16-18 people in there and my SO was the only Asian in that establishment. Some of my other Asian friends also are in agreement. For the area and for their clientele (younger, White, professionals) I think they will survive.

            2. re: twinwillow

              Not a big deal, but even though yelp says it's Richardson, I'm pretty sure that it's in Dallas.

              I also have to throw in that their Mi Quang is really good. Not sure I've seen it anywhere else other than My Lan (same family).


              1. re: Webra1

                To pile on, I've loved every soup I've had there including:

                Hu Tieu
                Bun Rieu Oc
                Banh Canh

                1. re: demigodh

                  Is their Bun Rieu Oc made with snails?

                  1. re: twinwillow

                    It is. That's actually the "oc" part of it, which I take you may have known hence the question. Many places have Bun Rieu but minus the snails/oc. Another great place for Bun Rieu, though i don't care for their food much in general, is Vietnam in East Dallas. Make sure you ask for extra shrimp paste on the side though as they dumb it down for non-asians.

                    Looks like you have some good eating ahead of you at La Me, enjoy.

                    1. re: demigodh

                      I'm familiar with Vietnam Restaurant on Bryan Street in East Dallas and I concur about their food, in general. Their buffet, although certainly nothing special is OK on occasion. It's cheap enough and living nearby helps but, certainly not worth driving "across town" for.

                      Da Lat is even closer to me with better food and ambiance but their eclectic, limited menu keeps me from wanting to eat there too often.

                      Actually, I don't think really authentic ethnic Vietnamese food exists in Uptown.

                      1. re: demigodh

                        I agree the Bun Oc is quite good. I have had it several times and it always is a pleaser for me.

                  2. re: Webra1

                    Yes, I realize now La Me is indeed within Dallas' city limits.

                    1. re: Webra1

                      You can also find Mi Quang at Pho Houng Nam and Bon Mua. While both of them have it I would suggest going to Pho Houng Nam over Bon Mua. The service and the quality of food has slipped considerably since they first opened.

                      Pho Houng Nam is really my go to place in the northern burbs. The quality or consistency seems to be lacking at any place along Belt Line in Carrollton and the very few handful of places throughout Plano and Denton County.

                      That said I have good success with any of the bun, pho, bun moc (pork and cilantro meatballs), Bun Mang Vit (Duck and Bamboo Shoot Noodle Soup), and the goi cuon (fresh spring rolls). The service can be slow at times but Pho Houng Nam is constantly working on its appearance, be it the look of the menu, the dishware, and the tables.

                  3. I agree with twin. I think La Me get both the meat and bread correct. If you are solely a bread connoisseur then I guess your best bet is Ba Le Bakery in Arlington or Quoc Bao Bakery in Carrollton or Garland.

                    I prefer the banh mi at La Me because the get their bread from Ba Le (they won't tell any one except for the fact that it comes from Arlington each day) and the grilled meats and pate seem to be a better quality than all the other places around the metroplex. I usually go for the pate with butter and a grilled pork with pate. You cannot buy the pate to go as they are trying to keep their recipe a secret. It is a wise decision!

                    As twin said you must get their early because people hoard the sandwiches and order them by the trash bag full, I suppose to feed factory workers in the area. They have a deal running buy 5 sandwiches get 1 free. I believe the most expensive sandwich still hovers at just below $4, at $3.75.

                    I still have yet to have Nammi truck but when you can get 6 sandwiches what you pay for 2, it is kinda hard to justify that.

                    I do have another sandwich that I do enjoy but it is just a singular sandwich and a bit on the pricey side. The Korean BBQ sandwich at Pho is for Lovers on Greenville (I believe they have other locations now too).

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                    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                      Nammi truck is every Wednesday outside by the Winspear theatre.


                      Been doing the BBQ Pork forever, tried the Lemongrass chicken last week - Muy Bueno!

                      The BBQ Pork reminds me of the pork I had when in Taiwan!

                      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                        My vote goes to Nammi. It may be a little more expensive but it is much larger than the usual banh mi and VERY tasty.

                      2. La Me was my favorite here in the Dallas area but now I have a new favorite, Banh Mi #1 in Garland. They have numerous kinds of banh mi, including breakfast (contains eggs) banh mi and they make their own bread (same high quality as La Me). There are a few drawbacks though. Staff is not friendly at all (somewhat mean), they ignore you at times, some people order 10-15 at a time so it can take a long time to get your 1-2, and some Asian people tend to skip you in line and pretend they don't see you or know you might not say anything back at them (I tell them not to be skipping..haha). If you do want to try this establishment, I would highly recommend calling in and ordering ahead.

                        Banh Mi #1
                        3212 N Jupiter Rd
                        Garland, TX 75044

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                        1. re: jaime24g

                          La Me doesn't make their own bread. I think they are on an exclusive contract with Bale (Ba Le) in Arlington. That is why they run out of bread so frequently is because they have just one shipment per day of bread from Arlington. The owner at La Me told me she gets her bread from Arlington and after scouring around Central Arlington for a few months I found that it was indeed Ba Le on Browning. The banh mi at Ba Le in Arlington are quite bad but the bread is their only saving grace. For some reason the bread is quite good in Arlington but the fillings are not, which is the exact opposite of La Me and the Garland area for the most part.

                          I will have to try out Banh Mi #1. Beside the fried egg (Op La) which they can accomodate at La Me if you ask for it what is the best topping in your opinion? Also how is the pate' comapred to La Me? Do they use the French butter on their banh mi? I am asking so I know exactly what I am getting into besides the surly service, which is almost expected

                          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                            I would hope they have butter mayo - that's fundamental to a good banh mi in my eyes.

                            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                              So to compare apples to apples, head to head, IMO the banh mi dac biet (special combination) is the way to know if the quality of a banh mi in a particular establishment is spot on. The meats at Banh Mi #1 are good but the baguette is what really puts this place up there into the excellent category...crunchy on the outside, soft in the inside just like Ba Le bread. I have eaten several of their banh mi but the dac biet is my favorite at the location and the pate is very tasty as well. I purchased 4 one day, finished two that day and had the other two banh mi three days after. The two I did not eat that day I put in the toaster oven and they were almost as good as when I first got them. From what I recall, I think there might be over 15 types of banh mi. And of course the butter.....the butter is French style butter.

                              1. re: jaime24g

                                Thanks for the detailed report. I happen not to mind the Dac Biet even the cold cuts as I regularly purchase the head cheese and other mystery loaves at Kuby's.

                                I can't wait to try it out and thanks for the honest opinion of Mot Hai Ba.

                                1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                                  I've struggled to find banh mi places with head cheese. Do any of hte places referenced above include head cheese in their dac biet?

                          2. Has anyone had the banh mi at Pho is for Lovers?

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                            1. re: Webra1

                              Yes, and it's not good save for the korean bbq banh mi which is highly regarded. Not conventional, obviously, but a very good sandwich.

                              1. re: demigodh

                                That's too bad - I saw the Deli Special listed on their menu online and got excited.

                                My husband had a craving for a Banh mi on Sunday but I didn't have time to go all the way to La Me from Downtown Dallas. Ended up at Vietnam, which was.....better than nothing.

                                1. re: Webra1

                                  I live fairly close to Vietnam restaurant in Uptown and I agree. As you stated, ......"better than nothing".

                                  1. re: Webra1

                                    To be fair though, I have a tendency to get snobby about that type of food and would rule out any banh mi that is more than $3 and didn't include pate or head cheese. Inauthentic of course does not mean that it tastes bad. So, with that in mind, you may consider DaLat or Mot Hai Ba as closer options.