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Sep 8, 2013 08:17 AM

Sauce for applesauce cake

I'm making Jacques Pepin's Applesauce Cake (Simple and Healthy Cooking) and would like to make a sauce to serve with it. He doesn't call for one, but I know how my gang rolls and they will want something to go with it.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Yes I do :) I am a big fan of Toffee sauce with anything apple, pie or crumble. And, everyone loves this sauce!
    1 cup packed brown sugar, 1/2 cup butter,1/2 cup cream
    Combine in sauce pan over low heat simmer until sauce thickens. It's Rich but fantastic!!

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          Along those lines but no effort at all: a can of dulce de leche, warmed and drizzled over the slices.

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            With a little rum added, even better!

    1. I make a burnt butter icing for my applesauce cake, if you don't mind going in that direction. It matches perfectly.

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        As is my habit, I will try each and every one until I get the recipe perfected. It may replace carrot cake for me which I tend to make a lot of and give away. Thanks!

      2. I would love hard sauce with that. Basically butter, powdered sugar and rum. Nice foil to cake but not keeping with the "light"

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          Light is not an issue. When we have dessert, we go whole hog. I like the addition of rum.

        2. This is kind of embarresing but- melt some really good vanilla gelato in the fridge til serving. ( ciao bella, talenti etc). Add some cinnamon.

          Aka creme anglais without the ordeal.

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